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Sunlight & Shadow is not a general archive. It's uniquely themed. All fics contained here either have Angel as a human (at some point in the story), or are related to IWRY...or both. If you have a fic that fits those requirements, you may use the form below to submit it for submission.

General Requirements:

~ fic must be submitted by author who wrote it
~ fic must be longer than 1,000 words
~ fic must be proofread/beta'd - excessive mistakes are not fun to read
~ fic must be complete - no WIPs
~ fic must have B/A as the main pairing - happy ending optional

Which archive index does you fic fit into?

~ Seeking Redemption: fic where Angel becomes human DURING the story
~ Forgive & Forget: fic where Angel was a vampire, but became human sometime PRIOR to the beginning of the fic
~ Half Way Up: fic where Angel is turned into a human/demon combo...like a human with extra strength
~ Blessed Normalcy: fic is a total AU - i.e. human fics where there are no Slayers or vampires, just regular people
~ Remember Forever: fic must relate directly to IWRY, and Angel must either have stayed human, or turned human again.
~ The Forgotten Day Archive: general archive for ANY fic dealing direction with IWRY (overlaps somewhat with Remember Forever index)

*** please make sure to submit your fic to the appropriate index!! ***

*** Submitting your fic does not guarantee it will be posted at S&S. Archive-maintainer will make final the decision on if your fic fits the archive requirements ***

Submission Form:

I haven't gotten the email form working yet, so for now you'll have to use regular email. Just copy the info below, paste it into an email, and fill in the pertinent information.

Author name:
Email for feedback:
Fic title:
Fic summary # :
Fic rating:
Warnings ## :
Link where I can find fic:
What S&S index does it fit in:
Why that index ### :
Any additional info:

SEND TO: vagabond_angel //at// comcast //dot// net

# - 1-2 sentences ONLY
## - specifically if there is adult content, or a tissue warning (like char. death?)
### - just tell me why it belongs in that index - this is just a safeguard to make sure it gets into the right index. As much as I would love to read all submissions to the archive, I don't have the time. So I need to make sure it gets to the right archive index. You just need a short explanation...like "because Angel turns human halfway through the fic" or "because Angel achieved his Shanshu before the fic started".


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