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About Sunlight & Shadow:

Sunlight & Shadow was a fanfiction archive that was originally opened in December of 1999 by Cynamin. Among other things, it hosted various Buffy/Angel fanfiction that focused on Angel being human, or the Angel episode "I Will Remember You". It included the popular archives called "Angel's Humanity Alliance" - AHA - and "The Forgotten Day Fanfiction Archive" (aka Memoirs to the Forgotten Day). Aside from fanfiction, the site had membership lists, show info, awards, and other such stuff.

In the Spring of 2004, Cynamin was no longer able to maintain the site and closed it down. A lot of people really missed the it, and all the wonderful fanfiction housed there - a lot of which could not be found anywhere else. So in early September of 2005, Cynamin was kind enough to give me permission to bring the archive back

The Sunlight & Shadow archive returned in late September 2005, but not completely in its entirety. There was too much that was illogical to bring back, or impossible to recover. My main focus was to get the fanfiction back online, so that is what I did. (Almost) every piece of fanfiction that was once at the old S&S is now available again. The only big difference in the archive was that I added a few fics that I knew were sequels to fics already posted in the archive.

For a year, I left the site as it was. I didn't know if I wanted to add new fics. But in October of 2006, I decided to open it up for submissions again. It's such a great and unique archive. I don't believe there is anywhere else to get B/A fanfiction specifically themed toward human-Angel or IWRY. So now the site is open to new fics. As long as I have somewhere to host the site and am able to maintain it, it will remain open. If you want to submit a fic, go here.

If you want to check out the old S&S site, it has been archived numerous times at You can view it here.

The LostFic Vault:

One change I made to the site was to add a fic index called The LostFic Vault. The motivation behind this was that with both shows over, so many authors or site owners were closing up shop and sites were shutting down left and right. Because of this, a lot of good B/A fic was getting lost. It seemed a shame that wonderful B/A fic could no longer be found. So this index was created. It houses any fic I hear about that people want to read but can't find.

A special note here - I try to contact the authors of fics I want to host at the LFV, but many times, the email addresses of the authors of these fics are no longer valid. If I can't get in contact with an author, I post the fic anyway - which is probably bad, but there's not much else I can do.

So if you find your fic at the LFV, but didn't give permission, please contact me and I'll be happy to discuss it with you!

And if you want to suggest a fic for inclusion in the LFV, go here.

Removed Fics:

Unfortunately, two authors have requested that their fics no longer be hosted here. So I had to remove the fics by Mariah, and Serena. I wish I hadn't had to because they both wrote absolutely wonderful fics, but I didn't have a choice.

If you are looking for a story by them, feel free to contact me. I still have them saved on my harddrive.

Thank You:

To Cynamin - for allowing me to bring this archive back for everyone to enjoy the wonderful fics.

To Gia - for hosting this site.

To AlleyNYC - for pointing me in the right direction to recover the fics so they could be posted again.

To the Authors - thanks for writing so much wondeful B/A fanfiction, and for letting me post it here.

Special Note to Authors:

There has been some confusion regarding authors finding their fics here, and them believing that I simply posted their fics without their permission. So I hope this will clear up any confusion...

The Sunlight & Shadow Fanfiction Archive is NOT new! It was originally created by Cynamin way back in December of 1999, I believe. Authors were able to submit any appropriate fics to the archive, and they were posted on the site. In 2003, I think, Cynamin was no longer able to maintain the archive and she closed it.

Since the archive was quite popular, many people missed it, and in 2004, Cynamin gave me permission to bring it back. As a result, the archive moved and came under new ownership. I restored the entire fanfiction archive AS IT PREVIOUSLY EXISTED. I brought back the archive just like it was, including all the fics that were previously included.

This is where the confusion has arisen - with authors not remembering the original site and thinking that this was a new archive and that I simply posted their fics without their permission.


I only RESTORED the old archive (at first - I'm now accepting new submissions) and the old site had over 525 fics submitted by authors. So if you find your fic(s) here and don't think they should be here, please consider the above explanation. I DO NOT post fics without permission if at all possible - the LostFic Vault is the only exception to this. If your fic(s) is/are here, there are 3 possible reasons:

1. You submitted your fic(s) to the old S&S and I restored them at the new S&S.
2. I've contacted you about adding your fic(s), or you submitted them to the new site.
3. If your fic(s) is/are in the LostFic Vault...I tried to contact you, but all email addresses no longer worked.

If there is a problem with your fic(s) being here, please, feel free to contact me! I'd be happy to discuss the situation, and hopefully come to a resolution that will allow me to keep the fic(s) in the archive. I'd hate to have to remove any more wonderful B/A fanficion.


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