Seeking Redemption

Stories where Angel becomes human


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Reuniting: When Buffy's friends overhear Riley acting like a jerk, they decide Angel has to know.
We Can Work This Out: First season, Buffy and Angel think about becoming involved.


Meaning: Alternate ending to Amends


End of Days: The final battles have come to Sunnydale.
The Sun's Rays: Alternate Innocence

Amanda Wallace

Love Lasts Forever: Buffy runs into Angel in L.A.


Salvation: Buffy has a dream that leads her to L.A. and the midst of a prophecy.


Awakening: A very different beginning for Buffy and Angel...
Finally: Angel gets just what he's always wanted. R/NC-17

Angelic Brat

Together Always: Darla's back, and there's gonna be trouble. NC-17

Angelic Watcher

Living the Dream Saga



Though Lovers Be Lost: A demon from Angel's past comes after Buffy. 



Death Breeds Life: Buffy dies and leaves behind a three year old daughter for Angel to raise.


Growing of Hearts: Angel has a dream that sends him back to Sunnydale.


Animalistic: A spell of Willow's goes wrong with rather amusing results.
Conduit: Angel gets injured, putting both his and Buffy's lives in danger.
Dust and Sunlight: Buffy and Angel find comfort from each other following a day's battles.
Hopeful Season: A chance meeting keeps Buffy and Angel from spending the holidays alone.

Strange Place to Live Series

  • Coming Home: Angel's back in Sunnydale, and mysteriously in the hospital.
  • Demon Hunter: The identity of Angel's mysterious attacker is revealed.
  • Holy Matrimony: Buffy and Angel are getting married, if they can survive their engagement.



Angels and Demons: A real angel shows up in Sunnydale to lend some extra help.


Effie Vendetta

Lather, Rinse, and No Repeats: Buffy's 20th birthday brings doubts, revelations, and trips to the hospital.


Libera Me: Angel's called back to the Hellmouth for the end of the world.


Forever - That's Eternal Series


Near Wild Heaven: Buffy and Angel meet once again when a demon overlaps with the Sunnydale High reunion.



Dreams: Angel prepares himself to say goodbye to Buffy.



He Never Said Goodbye: Ten years after Graduation Day, Angel returns to Sunnydale with some good and bad news. ~tissue warning~

GMB Loves Angel

Alayah: A different take on Buffy, following Innocence


The Eye of the Storm: In a moment of grief, Buffy begs to no longer be the Slayer.
Let the Sun Rise: If only Angel could have become human one year earlier...
Never Say Never: Angel knows exactly what he has to do to become human.


Heart Slayer

Destiny's Wake Series

  • Unexpected Relations: A young sorceress from the future appears in L.A.
  • A New Assignment: Buffy and Angel are back together...what next?
  • Loving You: There must have been more to Cordelia's vision and Buffy's dream, right?
  • Déja Vu: The spell to make Angel human had an unexpected side effect.



Hope Series

Like I Used To Do: Angel comes back for the End of Days battle. NC 17
Wishing I Was Lucky: Buffy is in an accident, and Angel goes to help her.
This Time: Sequel to Wishing I Was Lucky - Mike's got a secret up his sleeve...



Surprise: Alternate version of Surprise

Kelly Rowe

Changing Faces: Twenty years in the future, a reincarnated Buffy takes her place in prophecy. Charmed crossover. *award winner*

Until the Day: What if Angel had left in Surprise? He returns to find Buffy no longer in Sunnydale...
Between the Days: Sequel to Until the Day.
Waiting For the Day: Third in a series. The Council decides to get to Buffy by capturing Angel.

Kerry B.

The End...: Angel's POV at the end of the last battle.


The Promise: Angel becomes human...on Buffy and Riley's wedding day.


The Burdens We Bear: An alternate reality of "Birthday" (Ats S3). ~tissue warning~


Lady Mercury

In the Arms of My Angel: Angel comes to help Buffy after her mother's death.


Until All the Stars Go Out: A vision of Cordelia's sends Angel back to Sunnydale to save Buffy's life.


Christmas Snow: Buffy returns to Sunnydale after eight years traveling the world.

LJS Angel

Pretty Much Happily Ever After Kinda Thing: Tired of Angel moping around, Cordelia drags him to Sunnydale.





Dreams and Reality Series

  • Broken Dreams: Angel returns to Sunnydale only to witness a marriage proposal.
  • The Battle: Darla's going after Buffy.
  • Deeper Than Blood: Angel's avoiding Buffy, but she has plans of her own.
  • Crashing Down Around Us: Angel and Buffy finally meet - not good...
  • The Morning After: Buffy tries to apologize
  • Pain: Buffy resigns herself to the failure of her plans
  • New Beginnings: Both Buffy and Angel are trying their best to forget about the other.
  • Reality: Cordelia has a vision...
  • Return of the Scoobies: The A.I. gang arrives in Sunnydale to help with Glory.
  • Same Old Story: Buffy and Angel fall into familiar patterns.
  • Realization: Kate strives to keep Buffy and Angel apart; the gang discovers the battle's deadline.
  • Star Crossed: The demons make their move.
  • Xerses' Alignment: Show down!
  • Read the Signs: A long overdue heart to heart talk.
  • Relationships 101: Everyone finds out Buffy and Angel are back together.
  • Hidden Truths: Buffy has to tell Willow about what happened with Riley.
  • First Dates: Buffy and Angel finally get to do the dating thing.
  • Calm: The aftermath of the dating thing...
  • Duty Calls: It's hard to have a moment together when there is so much else going on
  • Just Have a Vision: Buffy hasn't been seen since she left L.A., and everyone has to team together to find her.
  • On Your Toes: Buffy is injured fighting a demon...that doesn't seem to exist.
  • Obstacles: Buffy and Angel have more obstacles to their relationship than demons.
  • Looking Forward: Buffy deals with her mom, as Angel starts making plans for the future.
  • Guess Who's Coming to Dinner: With a little help from Dawn, Angel attempts to get on Joyce's good side.
  • Romantic Interludes: Angel sets up a perfect evening.
  • Normal Life: The wedding planning begins.
  • Invitations: The happy couple tries to balance planning their future and dealing with demons. Can they face the chaos?
  • Almost There: A few days before the wedding and the jitters are in full swing.
  • Together: The big day has arrived and Angel & Buffy finally get to be together.
  • Dreams: On their honeymoon, Buffy and Angel finally come full circle from the begining of their relationship. [some explicit content]

The Freshman Year Set

Two For Shanshu: Glory's been resurrected, and it'll take a resurrected Slayer to stop her.


I Love You Always:  Angel returns to Sunnydale just in time for Buffy's wedding to another, vampire.



Surprise Series

Rebecca Carefoot

Three Doors: A seemingly simple choice has major repercussions. R/NC-17



Nightmares: Buffy's nightmares have the gang turning to Angel for help.

SJ Smith

Force of Nature: Buffy goes to confront Angel after he secretly defeated Glory.


Crossed: A blast from Angel’s past shows up in search of a family heirloom, forc ing the AI gang into a trip to Sunnydale.


A Moment of True Happiness: Buffy must go to L.A. when Angel goes missing. NC-17



Landslide of Principle : To get Buffy back, Angel puts his existence at risk. NC-17

Terri F.

Darkness and Light: A different take on the end of Faith, Hope, and Trick


A Modern Fairy Tale


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