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Coming Soon: I'll be adding some more fabulous fics by Jill

October 6, 2006

various site changes: Lots of changes to the site. I did some rearranging - added new pages and reorganized - and have finally decided to open the archive up to new submissions.

40 fics, by 5 authors (4 new) added:

Blessed Normalcy
Alone I Break: by Isis FG
Forever Begins Again: by Isis FG
Midnight Angel: by Isis FG
Smoke & Mirrors: by Isis FG
Blissful Encounter: by Jill
By My Side: by Jill
In Your Eyes: by Jill
Unforgettable: by Jill
Toxic Past: by Kristi
I Feel You: by *Stars*
Leap of Faith: by *Stars*
Touching Reality: by *Stars*

Forgive & Forget
Always A Bridesmaid: by Isis FG
Falls Apart: by Isis FG
It Started As A Simple Night Out: by Isis FG
Release the Demons: by Isis FG
Until I Cry: by Isis FG
Broken Chances: by Kristi
Hemorrhage: by Kristi
Stumble Into Grace: by Kristi
A Touch of Heaven: by *Stars*

Half-Way Up
I Dreamt of Someday: by Isis FG
A Far Cry From Yesterday: by Isis FG
A Moment For Goodbye: by Isis FG
A Chance To Survive Today: by Isis FG
A Small Sacrifice For Tomorrow: by Isis FG
A Choice For The Future: by Isis FG
The Other Side of Tomorrow: by *Stars*

Remember Forever
Frustrated, Much?: by Isis FG
Irish History: by Kristi

Seeking Redemption
Like I Used To Do: by Jill
The Burdens We Bear: by Kristi
Crossed: by *Stars*

Forgotten Day
Frustrated, Much?: by Isis FG (also in RF index)
Irish History: by Kristi (also in RF index)
From Hell to Heaven and Back: by Lauren

LostFic Vault
Almost Home: by Jill
On A Wild Night: by Jill
So Lost: by Jill
Fade To Nothing: by Jill
Rising Into the Light: by Jill
The Sun, the Moon and A Vampire for Breakfast: by Jill

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