Memoirs to the Forgotten Day

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Forever Series

Footsteps: Can Buffy's son stop himself from making the same mistakes as Angel? *award winner*
Footsteps Epilogue: More in the lives of Buffy, Angel, and Jakob. NC-17

Resurrection Series

  • New Beginnings: Angel starts his new life in Sunnydale as a history professor. He has a new girlfriend and they run into Buffy. NC-17
  • Renewal: Angel tracks down Buffy at work. They talk, have dinner, certain revelations are made.
  • Brand New Day: Angel comes over for Sunday dinner with the family. NC-17
  • Finding Home: Angel moves in, smut, much discussion of prophylactics NC-17
  • Better Left Unsaid: Doctors, Confessions, Angst, Smut ... NC-17
  • Righting His Wrongs: Everyone has issues, especially Spike
  • Ties That Bind: Finally wedded... NC-17
  • Crumbling: New events bring Angel under suspicion.
  • Regrets: Angel needs legal help. NC-17
  • Realizations: A discovery in finding out who's been after Angel...


    Remembrance: Angel looks back on his times with Buffy.

Isa Bedigian

Blissful Existence Series

Forever: An alternate ending.

The To Have and To Hold series

Isis FG

Frustrated, Much?: Buffy and ANgel follow through on their decision to wait. NC 17



Happy Endings

Jenni W



A Light Still Shines: It's up to Angel to wake Buffy from a coma.
The Night Remembers: Buffy is brought back from the dead, but without her memories. *award winner*


I Remember: Buffy remembers before she leaves L.A.



Buffy in My Bedroom: An alternate ending
Dreaming of the Day: Buffy's dreaming...

Kerry Blackwell


Aurora: A Buffy/Angel Sleeping Beauty story.  *award winner*
A Cold Day in Hell: When Buffy's soul is hunted by the greatest evil in creation only Angel can save her, but will he be in time?  *award winner*

It's the End of the World As We Know It: The end of the world is a rather unexpected fashion.
A Whole World of Regret: Sequel to It's the End of the World As We Know It. Buffy must deal with what her actions have unleashed.
The World Turns Full Circle: Final part of the trilogy. Some things in life are doomed to repeat themselves, no matter what.


Irish History: This isn’t an American story, it’s an Irish one. Post IWRY *Tissue Warning*


The Never Forget Series

Lady Destiny

I'll Never Forget You: 8 months pregnant with Angel's daughter, Buffy is hit by a car. ~Tissue warning~

Remember Me Series

Lady Mercury

Tears of Joy: Buffy's having dreams, and receives an odd phone call from Angel.


From Hell to Heaven and Back: It's one memory, one experience that will stay with her for the rest of her life. But she may not be the only person to remember. ~tissue warning~


All That You Want Series

Child of an Angel: Seems the Oracles made a bit of a mistake in erasing the day.
Forgetting Is Never Easy: What was to stop the events of IWRY from repeating themselves?
I'm the Lucky One: One woman's destiny will be Angel's death. ~Tissue Warning~
Shadow: Angel POV piece R
Whole Again: Before Buffy can get married, she has some things to put behind her.

Loo Rosenberg

Mad Cat

Changes: What if the effect of the Mohra blood hadn’t been instantaneous?



Mark Jones 

    The Life: An alternate ending. Something the Oracles reveal makes Angel change his mind.
    The Sacrifice: Angel returns to Sunnydale to fight the End of Days.




He Listened to My Prayer: Buffy shows up to see Angel with a surprise.
Oranges and Lemons: Willow accidentally wishes Buffy, Angel, etc. into 18th century Spain.
Rainy Days: Five years after a disastrous last encounter, Buffy and Angel meet again.
Reflected Fire: Angel's thoughts on Buffy, post IWRY


    All This Time: Buffy is getting the wrong man.
    Be My Valentine: Cordelia knocks some sense into Buffy on her choice of boyfriends.


Love So Pure: Buffy gets in a car accident on the way to introduce Angel to his son.
Who Are You Fooling?: Angel returns to Sunnydale hoping for a reconciliation.



Even Little Changes Affect Lives: Another take on the final scene of IWRY


Balance: Buffy's pregnant, and there's this rather complicated issue of the father...

Little Demons Co-written by Cynamin

Real Estate: Cynamin and NutMeg travel to Sunnydale to fix some things. Co-written by Cynamin


Jealousy: Angel's living happily-ever-after with someone else, and Buffy is not happy.


Lonely Hearts: The End of Days are past, Angel is granted his humanity, and Buffy is given her memories back. Now comes the hard part.

Quintis Skywalker

After Life: The aftermath of Buffy's death. ~Tissue Warning~

Rae Summers

    Remember Me: Buffy and Angel face new challenges and promised rewards. *award winner*

Rainbow Warrior 

Thank You: Buffy confronts Angel about her memories.


The Karmic Ocean: Angel's sacrifice of his humanity results in the permanence of his soul.


Dreams Come True: Buffy's dreaming of the events of IWRY. NC-17

Samantha Melissa Gold  

    Pure Hearts: An alternate ending. The Oracles come up with another solution.


Loss and Gain: Buffy retained some unexpected memories from heaven.

Sare Bear



Shannon Clegg

    The Babe: Angel runs into Buffy in the last place he ever expected. NC-17

    The Challenge: Angel returns to Sunnydale to help fight Adam. NC-17
    The Aftermath: Sequel to "The Challenge." NC-17
    The Altar: Sequel to "The Aftermath." NC-17

    Squall: An army of mohra demons causes trouble in Sunnydale. NC-17


Sired Passion

    Heaven: Angel writes a letter.



Suja Raviraj  


Psyche Class: Buffy learns the truth of the claddagh ring, and goes to confront Angel about it.

Starlight, Starbright: Buffy goes to LA to meet Cordelia and Angel meets a very special person.
Sunshine: Sequel to Starlight, Starbright

Too Beautiful For Words: Faith awakens from her coma and goes after Angel.


Measure of a Man: Angel chooses to remain human in "I Will Remember You" instead of asking the Oracles to take back the day. Not your usual set of consequences....


Untitled: Fourteen months ago, Buffy disappeared from Sunnydale with her and Angel's unborn daughter.

Todd Wallace

Untitled: Angel comes to Sunnydale to check on Buffy.


Hero: An Alternate Ending: Willow's uncontrolled magic sends Buffy to LA.

New Beginning Series

  • A New Beginning: Cordelia comes to Sunnydale with some explanations for a very confused Buffy.
  • Telling Friends: Buffy tells everyone what happened with her and Angel.
  • Moving Weekend: Buffy has to tell her mother what's going on as she prepares for her move to L.A.
  • Surprises: Buffy has some more to tell Angel.


A Better Man: Angel takes one more look at Buffy from a distance.


The Sun Always Rises: Angel deals with the aftermath of Buffy's death.

My Heart's Desire: Buffy thinks about a "dream" she's been having.
Towards the Sun: Angel's POV on IWRY. Companion to My Heart's Desire.

Warriors of Destiny and Fate


Lizzie: Buffy's daughter is sent to Angel to be raised.


Just Like Heaven: What might have been.... 

Zetta Zofia

A New Life: Buffy and Angel of an alternate reality must make a difficult decision to save their daughter.

The Road Less Traveled Series *award winner*

  • Christmas Day: Angel arrives in Sunnydale to help with a demon, and things go wrong when he and Buffy get trapped together.
  • Together Again: Buffy and Angel still have some issues to deal with, especially where Riley is concerned.
  • Helplessly Yours: All's well just in time for Buffy's birthday.
  • Surprise: Buffy's one night stand with Riley has left yet another issue that could tear Buffy and Angel apart.
  • Dreamer: A prophetic dream sends Buffy and Angel to consult the oracles.
  • The Initiative: Buffy and Angel still need to figure out what to do about Riley and the Initiative.
  • Consequences: The aftermath of The Initiative.
  • The Big Finish: Riley isn't dead, and he's kidnapped Buffy.
  • The Perfect Christmas: One year after Buffy and Angel got back together, the gang gathers to celebrate Christmas.

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