Memoirs to the Forgotten Day

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Love and Its Rewards: What if the Oracles had given Angel a little bit more information before he erased the day?

Untitled Series

That's Stupid: Angel gets his words in at the end of Sanctuary

Alana Hill

    Perfect: Angel returns to Sunnydale to fight the end of days.
    The Time Has Come: Buffy calls on Angel's help to defeat the latest evil in Sunnydale.
Albrecht   Amadee

Am I Too Late: Penn decides to follow in Angelus' footsteps by going after Buffy.

Amber Andersen

    Resurfacing: In the aftermath of "Hero" several reunions occur.
Amethyst Amy 
    Kiss Me Twice For Goodbye: Angel regains his humanity just as Buffy and Riley prepare for their wedding. R/NC-17
    Pleasantly Numb: The Powers give beautiful love an unlikely chance. NC-17 *award winner*

Angelic Vampyre

IWRY - Yet Another Rewrite: The Oracles test Buffy and Angel's love

    Amazed: Buffy visits Angel in L.A., and several revelations are made.
    Shattered: Buffy has an accident and forgets everything after she sent Angel to Hell.   *award winner*

Warriors of Fate series

Unknown Secrets: Buffy's child is kidnapped. A Charmed crossover.


Memories Are Forever: Buffy didn't forget at all.


Souls Entwined: Angel receives a warning about a displacement of souls.


Angels of Past Silences: A chance encounter leads to massive revelations.



Enough: Alternate ending. Angel tries to avoid telling Buffy that the day will be reversed.



It Can Wait For Now: Buffy's and Angel's friends notice they're both miserable and decide to make things right.

    Private Universe: Remember the Mohra demon's words about "more will come?" NC-17
Calie Johnston
    Tour of the Wreckage: Buffy's POV as she leaves L.A.
    Old Before I Die: When Willow finds a spell to make Angel human, Buffy is faced with a decision. Sequel to "Tour of the Wreckage."
    Anything: Sequel to "Old Before I Die." Buffy goes back to L.A.


We'll Meet In the Middle (An Interlude): Buffy and Angel's unseen meeting. R/NC-17

    Confronting the Truth: After Spike tells Buffy something during "Something Blue," she goes to L.A. to confront Angel about it. Co-written by Megg.
    Wishes Can Be Reality: Sometimes, all you need for a happy ending is to believe.
    Dreams Do Come True: A missing scene. Buffy and Angel were not the only ones affected by Angel becoming mortal.
Celtic Enchantress Chelle
    Comes the Son: Angel visits Sunnydale and watches Buffy and her child. *award winner*

It Lives In Me: A Morah demon attacks Buffy, and Angel suspects the End of Days.
It's All In the Timing: Ethan Rayne returns to Sunnydale and things will never be the same. Sequel to It Lives In Me.

Colonel Furry Palms


Into The Night: Buffy never forgot, and goes to the Oracles to find out why.

Cordette T

Second Chances: Buffy is given the chance to save Angel's life.
It's the End of the World...Again!: The reunited gang faces the End of Days. Sequel to Second Chances.


Untitled: Buffy reflects on everything that has happened since she discovered she was pregnant.


Checklist: Two years after IWRY, Angel reflects on what it means to be human.

Every Breath You Take

  • Remember to Breathe: Some words and a song send Buffy to L.A.
  • Breathless: Buffy and Angel return to Sunnydale for the usual chaos.
  • Holding My Breath: What's scarier - demons, wedding preparations, or the Slayer's mother?
  • Breathing Easy: A wedding on the Hellmouth is always interesting  *award winner*
  • Take My Breath Away: Things are never perfect for Buffy and Angel, even if it is their honeymoon.

Real Estate: Cynamin & NutMeg travel to Sunnydale for a game of matchmaker. Co-written by NutMeg

The Warriors Series

Waters of Life: Inspired by the AU presented in Birthday. Angel mourns Doyle's death...alone.
The Wheel: Buffy dies in the battles leading up to the end of the world. Now what? *award winner*
You Are the New Day: Buffy's pregnant, and only Angel has the answers she needs.  *award winner*

Little Demons (follows You Are the New Day) Co-written by NutMeg

Deb Nockels

    Challenging Destiny: An alternate ending. Buffy makes a deal with the Oracles.  *award winner*


Here With Me: Faith awakens from her coma and goes after Angel. Co-written by Callie

Love, Brighid

Duchess of Buffonia

I'll Never Forget (Memories): When Buffy dreams of the missing day, she fears for her sanity.
Millennium Day: When Buffy visits New York, her New Year's Eve begins repeating over and over...


I Don't Know How: The first big battle of the End Days has just ended. Not everyone is comfortable with the close quarters being warriors requires... NC-17

The Something Old Series *award winner*

The Ties Between Us series *award winner*

  • A Little Reminder: When Buffy is seriously injured, the doctors discover another condition that may endanger her health.
  • Foregone Conclusions: How will everyone deal with Angel's revelation, and the challenges that come later?
  • Simple, But Never Easy: How will Buffy and Angel deal with her pregnancy and all the issues left between them?
  • Beautiful: A vignette; takes place in the later part of "Simple, Never Easy." NC-17

Together: I'm at a loss for a summary, so just read it.   *award winner*


Dimensions: What a difference a day makes...


Rose: Buffy finds out something that sends her running to L.A.

Elizabeth Ann Lewis

Coming to Terms: Someone else gets caught up in the forgotten day.


Ellie Swanson

Erana Zeitler +Faith+

Child of Love: The Oracles give Angel the child that would have been born if time had not been reversed.



Even Angels Fall: Angel angst
In the Darkness Before Dawn: Angel doesn't awaken from a dream of a life with Buffy.

Where Memories Lead *award winner*

  • Taking Chances: A statement of Doyle's leads Angel to ask some questions about his curse. Meanwhile Buffy comes to L.A. with some questions of her own.
  • Fallout: Buffy and Angel tell everyone their big surprises.
  • Safe Harbor: Some startling news arrives just before Buffy and Angel's wedding.

GMB Loves Angel

Amnesia: Six months ago, Buffy disappeared. Now she's found, but where has she been?
Back To Life: Sixteen years after Buffy's death, a young girl learns her family has been lying to her.

Belonging Series

Can't Remember: A young girl with no past is being chased by Mohra demons.
Living a Lie: Buffy has constructed a life for herself, but there's one major flaw.
Lovesong For a Vampire: Buffy and Angels friends go about getting them back together.
Thanksgiving Upside Down: Alternate IWRY. Cordelia invites everyone to L.A. for Thanksgiving. Co-written by SummersBuffy NC-17
Threunion: Circumstances reunite several couples...
What a Mistake: Riley gets Buffy to watch his favorite TV show...


Things Change: With Buffy's death, Angel starts dreaming...
Winning: Angel's stays around to help fight Glory.

    Double Dating: Buffy and Riley go on a double date with Riley's sister, but someone unexpected shows up.
    End of Days: Sequel to Double Dating
    Blessed: Sequel to End of Days. The battle over, Angel's human and the gang celebrates.
    Holding On: Angel's thoughts during I Will Remember You.
    Never Forget: Angel comes to Sunnydale to prevent the End of Days.

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