It Started As A Simple Night Out.

by Isis FG


Disclaimer: *rolls eyes* not mine, obviously

Rating: NC 17.for smutty fun
Pairing: B/A.also C/Gu, Fr/We, Wi/O
Summary: They're back from Vegas.what kind of trouble can B/A get into now? Sequel to 'Always A Bridesmaid." which can be read here: Always A Bridesmaid
Spoilers: None, other than 'ships. I did sneak a few lines from 'Welcome to the Hellmouth' in.they may not be word for word, I was too lazy to look up a transcript of the ep.

Distribution: my site (Vagabond Soul),, BA_Fluff list, and LoD; & Starrkitty's Archive if they want it, anyone else, just ask first.

Author's Notes: This sequel goes out to everyone who sent me feedback on 'Always A Bridesmaid.Never A Bride": Yseult, Christine, Lauren, Erin, Court, brionycain, sobad97, Meghan, TK, Calla, Dragonqueen, August528, Kreipke, and Tariq. I hadn't planned on doing a sequel, but so many of you asked for one that I decided I'd give it a try. Hope you all enjoy it!

AN2: Pretty much PWP, not really any plot at all. It could have been longer, but I wanted to get it finished and sent out tonight.I thought some mindless fluffy, smutty fun might help the post-BTVS finale depression.

Part 1

Angel grinned as he leaned against the doorway and watched as Buffy dug through their closet looking for a shoe. They had been back from Las Vegas for a week which meant that they had now been married for almost two weeks. The concept was still a little hard for him to fathom. He'd never dreamed that he would be married to his love.well, actually he'd dreamed it many, many times. He just never thought it would actually come true.

They were planning a night out at an expensive Italian restaurant to celebrate their two week anniversary. Not that they particularly needed a reason to celebrate, but he had insisted that they go out. And that was the reason that Buffy was digging around in the closet looking for one of her shoes.

He groaned slightly as he watched her crawling around on her hands and knees as she rummaged through the bottom of the closet. It was indeed an appetizing position to see her in, causing his groin to tighten. His desire for her just never seemed to be sated.

Stalking quietly up behind her he couldn't help the smirk forming on his face. For a minute he only stood and enjoyed the view. When he couldn't stand the inaction any longer he gave a light slap to her raised ass. Buffy, in response, yelped and then turned and glowered at him.

"You sooo just did not do that," she said to him sarcastically as she tried to keep the smile off her face.

"Oh, but I did," he grinned his lopsided smile at her. There was nothing he enjoyed more than their playful games.

Buffy stood and walked over to him before speaking. "You, mister. Keep. Your. Hands. To. Your. Self," she emphasized each word with a poke to his chest.

"And what if I don't want to?" he responded defiantly.

"Then I'll be forced to punish you," she answered seductively. Angel only raised an eyebrow in response and stared at her. "Ok, bad reason. But really, we have reservations in forty-five minutes."

"I know," sighed Angel in frustration as he willed the tightness in his pants to go away.

Smiling, Buffy sauntered over to where Angel was now seated on the couch and straddled his legs. "We'll play later. Promise," she stated before engaging him in a passion laced kiss.

"God! Can't you two keep your hands off each other for five minutes!" shrieked Cordelia after she walked through the open door to Buffy and Angel's suite of rooms in the Hyperion.


<two hours later - at the restaurant>

"Did you decide if you are going to enroll for classes at UCLA yet?" Angel asked as he nibbled on the remaining piece of bread on his plate.

"I think I probably will. I'm not looking forward to schoolwork again, but I think it would probably be good to go back," she answered, her distaste for the idea clear on her face.

"You don't have to if you don't want to," assured Angel. He hoped she understood that the decision was entirely up to her.

"I know. But it can't hurt to get a degree in something. I mean there might come a time when I need something to fall back on other than demon slaying," she shrugged. Deep inside she still wondered if it was pointless to attempt to pursue a normal aspect of life such a college.

Angel frowned internally. He knew that, at times, she still felt burdened by her duty. That was something he understood all too well. Even though he was now human, he was still tied to the Powers as one of their Warriors. It didn't matter if he wanted to ride off into the sunset and live a normal life, he couldn't, not until they were both set free from their duties.

Deciding to leave the subject alone, Angel shifted to another topic. "Ready for dessert?"

"Mmm. Of course!" Buffy grinned, thankful that Angel sensed her discomfort on the subject of her, and their, future.

After summoning the waiter, Angel ordered his dessert choice and waited for Buffy to make her pick. Too busy studying the menu, she missed the conspiratorial glance shared between Angel and the waiter. After finally deciding on what she wanted, the couple exchanged mindless chatter about random things until their desserts arrived.

Buffy eyed Angel as he appeared to grow nervous at the waiter's approach. Her suspicions were further aroused when he refused to meet her gaze. As she was about to ask him what was wrong, the waiter placed her brownie a la mode in front of her. Glancing at it momentarily, she looked back to Angel when suddenly her eyes shot back to the dessert.

There, nestled in the ice cream on her brownie, was something that definitely did not resemble a cherry. Her hand hesitantly moved toward the object, shock registering in her eyes. Realizing that Angel had to have something to do with what was going on, she looked up to question him only to find that he was not in his chair but was now kneeling beside her.

She watched as he pulled the platinum ring with three diamonds in it out of the ice cream before she finally found her voice to speak. "W-what's going on?"

"I know we're already married, but neither of us really remember the ceremony, and I didn't get to give you a real ring. So I was hoping that you would accept this ring and agree to marry me in a real ceremony, in a church, with all of our friends and family present," Angel asked nervously. He knew there was no reason to be worried, but he still was anyway.

"Oh Angel! Of course I will!" she whispered gently, pulling him up and placing a sweet kiss on his lips.

Angel pulled away and smiled at her before placing the ring onto her left hand. He wondered briefly how it was that he got so lucky to have her in his life after all that he'd done to her in the past. But he pushed those thoughts aside, intent on focusing on the future rather than the past.

Part 2

<a short time later>

"Angel? Where are you?" Buffy yelled softly. They'd decided to take a walk in the park after dinner and now Angel was no where to be seen. "Angel?"

As quietly as possible, Angel snuck up behind Buffy. When he was standing right behind her he reached out and wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her against his body.

"Is there a problem mam?" he whispered into her left ear.

Buffy smiled at his words, remembering the first conversation they'd had so many years before. "Yeah, there's a problem. Why are you following me?"

"I know what you're thinking. But don't worry, I don't bite." Angel leaned forward a little more and nibbled on her earlobe for a moment. "At least not hard."

Moaning at his actions, Buffy pushed herself further against Angel's hard body. She wriggled at the feel of his hardness against the small of her back. One of her arms snaked behind both of them to grasp at Angel's thigh.

Angel groaned at the pressure against his erection. His hands moved up from her waist to cup her breasts through the material of her dress. Leaning his head down, he peppered wet kisses along her shoulder, pausing every so often to suck her soft skin into his mouth.

Spinning around quickly, Buffy pulled Angel's mouth to hers, engaging him in a searing kiss. Their hands groped at each other trying to soothe the undying need building between them. Angel's hand moved down to grasp Buffy's ass, lifting her up off the ground as she wrapped her legs around his waist.

Not breaking the kiss, Angel walked them forward until Buffy's back hit the smooth concrete wall of a utility shed. Their mouths finally broke apart, leaving both gasping for much needed air. Angel's assault on his beloved on ceased for a moment before he swooped back down and captured her mouth again.

Buffy locked her legs tighter around his waist, grinding her aching core against Angel's arousal. Her hands slipped between them to pull at the buttons holding his dark red silk shirt together. Yanking the material apart she placed her palms on his now bared chest.

As Buffy toyed with his nipples, Angel slid one of the straps of her dress down letting the satiny material droop enough to expose one of her breasts. He trailed his mouth across her collarbone before moving downwards, swirling his tongue around her taut nipple. His left hand caressed her thigh before moving towards its target.

On of Buffy's legs dropped to the ground to give them more support as she felt Angel's fingers stroke her mound through her panties. She let a breathy moan as his long digits pushed the lacey material to the side and stroked her already dripping sex.

Her head lolled backwards as he teasingly pinched her clit and increased her already fevered arousal. She gripped his shoulders tightly as two, then three fingers plunged into her hot sheath. Rocking her hips against his fingers, she pulled his mouth back to hers once again, tangling her tongue with his as he coaxed her to orgasm.

"Hey! What are you two doing over there?" bellowed an unknown voice from behind them.

The couple froze instantly, both suddenly remembering where it was that they were engaging in their sexual foreplay. Buffy leaned her forehead onto Angel's shoulder, mumbling curses under breath. Angel, meanwhile, was attempting to straighten their clothing to no avail.

"I want you both to step away from each other and face me," the voice spoke.

Slowly, Angel lowered Buffy's other leg to the ground and groaned inwardly when he saw that part of the lower hem seemed to be caught on her panties. Turning to face the person who had spoken, Angel found himself face to face with a Los Angeles police officer.

Angel looked down at himself, seeing that his shirt was wide open and his pants had somehow gotten unbuttoned, and winced. His horror increased further when he glanced to Buffy and found her face beat red as she attempted to hide her exposed skin with her arms since she'd yet been unable to fix the top half of her dress.

"All right, I want you both to fix your clothes, you're coming downtown with me." the officer began before going into his typical arrest speech.


<at the police station>

Glancing to his right, Angel looked at Buffy who was sitting in a chair next to the desk. Her face still bore resemblance to a tomato and she refused to look anyone in the eye. He sighed. This was definitely not what he'd had in mind for their night out.

His attention went back to the phone in front of him. Time to use that one phone call. Picking up the receiver, he dialed the number to the Hyperion hoping that someone would be home. The line rang and rang until the answer machine picked up. Angel cursed quietly before speaking to the damned machine.

"Uh, Cordy.or uh,'s Angel. Whenever someone gets this.could you, uh, come down to the police station as soon as, uh, possible. Oh, and you, uh, might want to bring some money. Ok, uh, bye," he finished and hung up the phone.

Another officer walked up to the two of them and smirked slightly before speaking. "Ok you two, off to the holding cells you go."

Part 3

<back at the hotel>

"Ugh, that is the last time we try to slay something without someone with super powers with us," grumbled Cordelia as she and the rest of the available members of the AI team limped into the Hyperion.

"Hey, the demon's still dead isn't it?" stated Willow as she rubbed her sore shoulder. The demon had found it necessary to toss her into a wall.

"Yeah, but it would have been more fun if we weren't the ones getting pounded on," Gunn answered as he set his goop covered axe down.

"Oh, hey, we have messages," Cordy spoke to no one in particular before pressing the button on the flashing machine.


"Hey LA team. It's Xander. Just wanted to remind you that Anya and I will be there tomorrow afternoon. See you then!"


"Hello, this is Mr Culpepper. I just wanted to thank you for taking care of my.err.unusual problem. I will be sending a check in the mail for your services."


"Uh, Cordy.or uh,'s Angel. Whenever someone gets this.could you, uh, come down to the police station as soon as, uh, possible. Oh, and you, uh, might want to bring some money. Ok, uh, bye."


The group of friends/coworkers stood in silent shock as the stared at the machine trying to process what they had just heard. Angel was at the police station and it didn't quite sound like something life or death had happened. They were all more than a little curious as to what was going on.

"Did Angel just say he was at the police station and needed money?" Wesley questioned with a perplexed look on his face.

"It's kinda what it sounded like," Oz replied with a shrug.

"Do you think he was arrested?" asked Willow as she pondered the message.

"Maybe he has to bail out a client or s-something," Fred suggested receiving raised eyebrows from almost everyone. "Or maybe not."

"C'mon kiddies. Let's go see what kind of trouble Angelkins has gotten himself into," Lorne stated as he tried to hold back a chuckle at the thought of Angel in jail.

Part 4

<the police station>

"You do know that we will never, ever, ever live this down, don't you?" Buffy stated apathetically to Angel through the bars that separated them.

"And *what* could possibly make you think that," Angel joked back with a shake of his head. He knew for a fact that Buffy was right.

"Oh.I don't know.could be the fact that our friends seem to like to bring up stupid mistakes all the time," she answered while tapping a finger on her chin.

"As long as they get us out of here, I don't care what they do," sighed Angel. He wasn't really enjoying the way the other guy in the cell was looking at him.

"Gotta agree with you on that point," concurred Buffy as she sat down on the grimy bench behind her. "So was this what you had in mind for our simple night out?"

"Not particularly," he grimaced thinking about how he was the one who initiated their 'lewd' acts in the park.

"So.I hear you two have turned into exhibitionists," stated Cordy while trying to hold back her laughter as she walked toward their adjoining cells. "The bars are an interesting look."

"Cordelia! What took you so long to get here," exclaimed Angel, moving to the front of the cell.

"Oh, ya know.demons, evil and all that boring stuff that you guys are supposed to taking care of instead of humping like bunnies in a public place," rambled Cordy teasingly.

"Yeah, yeah, save the jokes for later. Did you pay our bail? Can we leave?" Buffy stated hurriedly, wanting nothing more than to get out of her tiny cell.

"No, I didn't pay your bail," Cordy replied, barely containing her smile.

"What? Why not?" Angel yelled. Was Cordy really going to leave them in jail?

"Ya know, I should let you two sit in here all night, but I wouldn't do that. Actually, I would, but the others wouldn't let me." She cocked her head to the side and wondered if she should put them out of their misery. "So I called Kate and she was able to pull some strings and get the charges dropped."

"Are you serious?" Buffy said in wonderment.

"Yes. You two own me big time," smirked Cordy as she thought of ways to collect on her favor. "I just have to go get the guard and then we can leave."

Fifteen minutes later, after they'd gotten out of their cells and then been lectured by an officer, Buffy, Angel and Cordelia finally made their way to the exit of the police station. As they walked through the last door before entering the seating area Buffy groaned at the sight that greeted them. Standing there, all looking as if they were trying their hardest not to burst out laughing, were Wes, Fred, Gunn, Lorne, Willow, and Oz.

"Did you have to bring everybody?" muttered Buffy to the brunette.

"Of course," grinned Cordy in return.

"Ready to go?" Willow asked, a small chuckle escaping her lips.

"We can not get out of here soon enough," grumbled Angel as he idly wondered if this was some sort of punishment from the Powers.

As they started to walk out of the police station Gunn spoke up. "Think you can keep your pants on until we get back to the hotel?"

At the phrase, the group finally released the laughter they'd been holding in. Buffy and Angel turned matching shades of red, both looking anywhere but at their friends as they followed them out the door.



AN3: Yes, I'm well aware that there is a certain aspect that some of you were expecting me to deal with, but I didn't feel like it.yet.which means there may be more to come. I'm contemplating turning this into a series. Haven't decided yet.