Frustrated, Much?

by Isis FG


Disclaimer: I'm just playing with Buffy & Angel, I don't make any money off them.

Rating: NC 17
Pairing: B/A
Summary: IWRY fic – Angel stays human and he and Buffy follow through with their decision to wait, but frustration is getting the better of them.
Spoilers: anything from s1-4 of BtVS and s1 of Angel are free game, especially IWRY

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Author’s Notes: This fic was written for the IWRY marathon [2005], hosted this year by Chrislee. The marathon is in honor IWRY and the purpose is for 1 new fic to be posted every day in November, the month IWRY originally aired. My fic is for November 16th, 2005.

AN2: For the purposes of this fic, when Angel went to the Oracles, they offered to return his vampire strength instead of turning back the day so he could still fight for them and protect Buffy. So he stayed human, just an enhanced one. This, then, fic picks up a few months after IWRY.

Thank you: once again, to *Stars* for beta'ing. I really appreciate it, chica!

Warnings: sexually explicit content, pretty fluffy

\+\+\+\+\+\+\+\+\ Part 1 \+\+\+\+\+\+\+\+\

The light inside the offices of Angel Investigations was dimming as the sun outside continued to set. Buffy sat on the corner of Angel's desk, staring forlornly at the door she would have to walk through soon. She hated this part of the weekend. It always came too soon, and the whole process made her heart feel like it was being ripped out of her chest. With everything she and Angel had already been through in their relationship, she should be used it to. But it still sucked.

Angel entered the room and stopped at the sight of Buffy sitting on his desk with the glint of what sunlight was left reflecting off her hair. Damn, she was beautiful. He felt his heart begin to pound and his blood rush downwards to parts of him better left sleeping. So he angled his body, hoping she wouldn't notice the tent rising at his crotch. Now was really not the time to be sporting a hard-on.

“So...ready to go?” he asked her, trying to avoid looking directly at her and getting more aroused.

“Yup. All ready.” Buffy patted the bag sitting next to her which had her clothes and other stuff. She sighed and her shoulders slumped. Going home was the last thing she wanted to do. “Are you sure you don't need me to stay and help with the Wiznik demon?”

“Wissnicalik,” Angel corrected with a chuckle at Buffy's propensity for butchering demon names. “I'll be fine. The demon shouldn't be much trouble.” Wissnicaliks liked sugar, and one had taken up residency in a local candy factory, reeking havoc for the owner. They weren't very good fighters, so Angel didn't expect any problems getting rid of it.

“Oh. I really don't mind staying to help, though,” she quickly added, grasping at straws.

“You have class tomorrow,” he reminded her. “You can't miss it.”

The only way Joyce Summers would allow Buffy to visit Angel on the weekends was if she returned in time to go to her classes on Monday. Included in that was Buffy getting enough sleep so she could get up in time for her first class. So she had to return to Sunnydale at a reasonable time on Sunday night so she could get enough sleep. Angel wasn't about to tempt fate and get Buffy in trouble with her mother. Joyce disliked him enough already.

“I know,” Buffy grumbled. “Mom will be calling every half hour from eight o'clock on until I answer the phone.”

“She just wants to make sure you get an education, Buffy,” he tried to placate her.

“She's treating me like a child,” she countered. “I'm nineteen years old. I should be able to make these kinds of decisions myself. It's not like I ever get eight hours of sleep anyway with slaying and all.”

Angel stepped closer to Buffy and put his arms around her. “Your Mom loves you. She just wants what's best for you.”

“No, she wants me to be normal,” Buffy disagreed. “She hates that I'm a Slayer, that there's evil demons out there, and that I'm dating you.”

“It can’t be easy for her, Buffy,” he said softly. “If your positions were reversed, how would you see things?”

“I guess I see your point. Sort of.”

“Don't worry, everything will be fine,” Angel assured her, hugging her tighter while trying to enjoy the last few minutes he'd have with her for a few weeks. “The demon won't be a problem, but Wes is going with me as backup.”

“Right. Wes,” she snorted, thinking of how effective her former Watcher would be as backup.

“He's not as bad as he used to be,” he replied, but unable to keep a half-smile from forming. Wes wasn't so bad. Most of the time.

“Uh huh, whatever,” Buffy rolled her eyes while leaning back to stare into Angel's eyes. “Promise you'll call when you get back tonight?”

“I will.” He bent his head down to give her a quick kiss. He should have known something so simple would turn into more.

The soft texture of Buffy's lips caressed his as their mouths opened. His tongue tangled with hers and his body moved closer, pressing tightly to Buffy's. The V of her legs cradled his growing erection and Angel groaned at the pressure. Trailing his hands down Buffy's sides, he reached her thighs and gripped them, pulling her impossibly close.

Buffy gasped as the bulge in Angel's slacks hit her in just the right spot. Her breath whooshed out and she rocked against him, tilting her head backwards in pleasure. Angel used the opportunity to dip his head and press open-mouthed kisses to the curve of her neck. The contact sent tingles down her spine and she raised her hands to twine them in Angel's hair.

An internal debate waged inside Angel: whether to let his mouth trail further south, to the enticing peaks just below the edge of Buffy's tank top, or to return to her soft, pink mouth. Buffy helped the decision along by arching back, thrusting her breasts upwards and into his line of sight. His blood pounded and his cock throbbed. The temptation to reach down and rip off her tank top boiled within him. He moved his hands to the hem and gripped the soft material...

“Last I heard, this was a place of business,” came a not-so-distant voice.

Angel and Buffy jumped apart, with Buffy nearly falling off the desk in her haste. She brushed at the new wrinkles in her tanktop and fought mortification at knowing that her nipples were so obviously visible. Her arms crossed protectively over her chest while Angel scurried around his desk and plopped down in his chair. She had a pretty good idea what he was trying to hide.

“Hi, Cordy,” Buffy mumbled, knowing she was blushing. She and Angel really should know better by now. This wasn't the first time they'd let things get out of hand.

“Yeah, hi.” Cordy eyed both of them speculatively. “Having fun?”

“Did you want something?” Angel asked her, desperate for a distraction, not just to throw his friend off, but also to take his mind off...other he'd be able to stand sometime soon without embarrassing himself.

Cordelia tapped her foot and gave him a 'duh' look. “Let's see...why am I here?” She snapped her fingers. “Oh, right! I'm supposed to drive Buffy home.”

“Oh, yeah,” he muttered, looking sheepish. He'd forgotten that Cordy was coming by to pick up Buffy since he wouldn't be able to take her back to Sunnydale himself.

“So are you ready or not?” she asked Buffy, sparing an exaggerated glance at her watch. “I don't have all day, ya know?”

“I guess we better go. If I don't get home in time, Mom will probably send the cops out after me,” she looked at Angel, “or you.”

After a long goodbye between Buffy and Angel, Buffy and Cordy were finally on the road to Sunnydale. Leaving had been hard. Buffy would have much rather stayed in LA with Angel, but she had to go home. Not only did she have her slaying responsibilities, but she also had her Mom's rules to contend with. At least she got to see Angel every other weekend, barring complications. It just wasn't enough, though. She wished they could be together all the time.

“So I thought you and Angel were doing the waiting thing?” Cordy said after they'd been on the highway for about half an hour.

“We are,” Buffy replied, shifting uncomfortably in her seat.

She and Angel had talked after everything with the Morah demon and the Oracles and decided to hold off on renewing their physical relationship in favor of reconnecting on an emotional level first. It seemed like a simple idea – a good idea – in the beginning. She and Angel had all the time in the world now to be together. Solidifying their relationship by just spending time together would only benefit them. She hadn't expected how hard and frustrating it would be. It shouldn't have come as a surprise given how things had been after Angel returned from hell.

“Uh huh. It didn't look like it when I walked in,” Cordy shot back, a wide grin on her face.

Buffy squirmed but managed to shoot an annoyed look at Cordelia. Her friend was right, though. She and Angel had been, uh, pushing the boundaries when Cordy walked in. It wasn't the first time they'd gotten carried away. More often than not, their kisses progressed to groping, and groping to...well, other stuff. This whole abstinence thing was a lot harder than Buffy realized. She and Angel had done a better job of keeping things cool during her senior year of high school. Now that the only thing keeping them from getting physical were themselves, temptation was much harder fought.

Which was why Buffy stayed at Cordelia's apartment when she came to LA on weekends. Sleeping in the same apartment, let alone room, with Angel would have been more than they could take. So Buffy would spend the daytime hours with Angel, either talking, going on outings, watching movies, or whatever else they could find to do, and then go sleep at Cordy's. It cut down on the time she got to spend with Angel, but it helped them maintain their decision to wait before sleeping together.

“He was just kissing me goodbye,” Buffy defended her and Angel's actions.

“Right,” snorted Cordy. She swerved into the left lane, barely missing nipping the car in front of her.

“I'd like to get to Sunnydale in one piece,” stated Buffy, gripping the door handle tightly. Riding in a car with Cordy was always an adventure.

Cordelia ignored the jibe and darted back into the other lane, waving at a car that honked at her. “I don't understand why you're still waiting,” she said, glancing at Buffy. “I mean, it's been almost four months since Angel turned human, or sort of human.”

“Three months, two weeks, and six days,” Buffy corrected.

“What? No minutes and seconds to go with that?” Cordy teased, again swerving to the other lane to pass a slow truck.

Buffy glared at her and crossed her arms over her chest. This was not a joking matter.

“Frustrated, much?” asked Cordy, chuckling. There was so much sexual tension when Buffy and Angel were in a room together that she worried one of them would spontaneously combust. Hey, anything was possible given all that she'd seen in the last few years.

Though Buffy hated to admit it, Cordelia was right. She was frustrated. Really, really frustrated. She wanted Angel. Badly. Every time she was around him, her skin tingled and heat shot through her. It was all she could do not to jump him whenever he was present.

“A little,” she finally admitted.

“Then why don't you just do it and get it over with?” Cordy posed. Why was she the only one seeing this situation logically?

“Because we decided to wait,” answered Buffy with a sigh. They'd had this conversation before.

“Well, you've waited. It's been over three months. Don't you think that's long enough?” Cordelia reached over and grabbed her soda, barely noticing that the action made her jerk the wheel.

Buffy shrugged in answer. She did sort of think they'd waited long enough, but she hadn't yet figured out how to broach the subject with Angel. Was she just supposed to walk up to him and say 'let's fuck'? Yeah, right. That definitely wasn't the way to go. Maybe she should just jump him. He'd get the picture. Or not.

“Hey,” Cordy looked over at Buffy, having noticed her serious expression. “If you really want things to move along with Angel, all you've got to do is tell him.”

“Yeah, but what am I supposed to say to him?”

“Hmm, good point,” Cordy agreed, tapping her fingers on the steering wheel. “I guess just coming out and saying you wanna screw would be kinda weird.”

“That's what I thought, too,” Buffy said, slumping back against her seat.

“Well, this is tough. Lemme think for a minute.” Still tapping her fingers, Cordy pursed her lips and considered what Buffy could do. Personally, she'd just jump the guy, but that probably wouldn't work with Buffy and Angel. So...what could Buffy do to clue Angel in? She snapped her fingers when an idea came to her.

“Got it!” She grinned at Buffy. “Drive him nuts by making yourself irresistible. Then he'll want to jump you.”

“Huh?” Buffy eyed Cordy warily.

“Ya know...wear sexy clothes, brush against him, stuff like that,” she explicated. “Basically, get him so turned on that waiting will be a non-issue.”

“I couldn't do that,” Buffy shook her head.

“Why not?”

“I dunno. Isn't it kind of...calculated?” she asked.

“It's called being female,” Cordy shot back. “There's nothing wrong with being sexy and making him want you.”

Hmm, Cordy had a point, Buffy conceded. But could she really do something so premeditated? She thought about the last few minutes she'd spent with Angel today. About how they'd practically gotten naked on his desk because of a simple kiss. It probably wouldn't take much to make him want her so much they ignored their decision to wait. Still...

She squirmed in her seat. It would be kinda mean to torture Angel like that. But she really, really wanted him.

“ any suggestions?” Buffy opted to ask.

\+\+\+\+\+\+\+\+\ Part 2 \+\+\+\+\+\+\+\+\

Buffy stood inside her dorm room at Sunnydale University and stared at the packed bag on her bed. She so wasn't sure about this. With her luck, she'd make a total fool of herself. Oh, Angel probably wouldn’t come right out and laugh at her, but he'd probably be thinking about it. For the hundredth time in the past two weeks, she second guessed her plan.

“I don't know if I can do this,” she said to her best friend and roommate, Willow.

“Of course you can,” Willow told her absently as she highlighted a sentence in her biology text book. They'd had this discussion about twenty times already.

“But what if...”

Willow rolled her eyes and tucked the highlighter into the book before sitting up. “You won't make a fool of yourself. Angel won't laugh at you. He won't be disgusted. He might be a little confused, but he'll get over it and then he'll be all over you.”

“You think?”

Shaking her head, Willow looked Buffy straight in the eye. “Yes, I do.” How in the world had she ended up giving Buffy advice on seducing Angel? This wasn't her forte. Anyone would know more about this than she did. On the other hand, Willow guessed she could kinda see where Buffy would see her as the more knowledgeable, and why Buffy had so little confidence in this area of relationships.

If she were in Buffy's shoes, she'd be nervous too. First Buffy had slept with Angel and had him turn evil psycho vamp on her, and then when he came back from hell, they'd had to keep a certain distance between them. And in the end, Angel had left, for several reasons. One of them being the fact that if they should happen to give in and sleep together, the whole world could end.

Then there was Parker the Poophead. Willow didn't even want to think about that slimeball who had used her friend. But she knew his actions had further damaged Buffy. Both her experiences with the physical aspect of relationships had turned out bad. Willow, on the other hand, had been in a steady, serious relationship with Oz. So she supposed she could understand why Buffy was turning to her. Didn't mean she knew what advice to give.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” Buffy asked, noticing Willow's pensive stare.

“Oh, nothing. Just thinkin',” she replied. “What time is Cordy picking you up?”

“She should be here soon.” Which meant soon it would be do or die time. Buffy just hoped she didn't crash and burn.


About two hours later, Cordy screeched to a halt in from front of the Angel Investigations office, where Angel lived in a basement apartment. Buffy put a hand up to keep herself from crashing into the dashboard and spared Cordelia an annoyed look. Why did she continue to risk her life by riding with Cordy? If she hadn't needed to talk to her, Buffy would have had Angel come pick her up. But she had needed some last minute advice from Cordy, and so had cooked up an excuse that Cordy needed to pick her up in Sunnydale.

“Have fun!” Cordy cheered, grinning.

“Yeah, right,” Buffy muttered. Cordy wasn't the one who was likely to make a fool of herself.

“Oh, come on. Stop being such a dweeb,” grumbled Cordy. “You look gorgeous. Which, of course you do. I mean, I did your hair and makeup. Angel's tongue will be hanging out when he sees you.”

“If you say so,” Buffy mumbled, eyeing the building to her right warily.

“God, I hope you get laid soon so you'll both stop being so annoying,” Cordelia groused huffily.

Buffy frowned at her friend and then reached into the back seat to get her bag. Might as well get this show going. The sooner she got started, the sooner she could make a fool of herself. She had a mental image of herself going down in flames and shuddered. Why was she doing this again? She didn't know anything about planned seductions.

She turned her head and saw Angel strolling quickly out of the building and remembered why. Damn, he looked gorgeous. Just looking at him made the tingle start down low in her belly. Her thighs clenched and she knew her nipples were probably standing at attention. How did just seeing him make her all hot and bothered?

“Time to go!” Cordy said gleefully and gave Buffy a push just as Angel opened the car door.

Half tumbling out of the car, she landed in Angel's arms – not a bad position to be in, but still. She turned and glared at her obnoxious so-called friend. “Thanks, Cordy.”

“No problem! You're welcome!” She waited until Angel had shut the door and then pushed the button to lower the passenger side window. “Have fun!” she yelled and peeled away from the curb.

Angel backed quickly away, glad that he hadn't gotten his feet run over. “What's up with her?” he asked, still holding tightly onto Buffy.

“Who knows. She's Cordy.”

“Right. Good point.” Angel finally took a step back from Buffy and looked at her fully. “You look beautiful,” he said, taking note of her hairdo and makeup. If he thought it was a little strange that she was wearing a long coat that was buttoned up, he kept it to himself.

“Thanks,” she looked up at him and smiled, thinking he was in for a big surprise later. A number of surprises, actually. As she stared up at him, her smile grew. “I still can't get used to seeing you in the sun.”

“Trust me, it's even stranger for me to walk out in the sun,” he answered wryly. Taking Buffy's bag from her, he started toward the building, holding her hand the entire time. They walked inside and Angel set the bag down before turning back to Buffy. “Are you sure you really want to go to that show tonight?” he asked, referring to the show she'd mentioned to him on the phone.

“Yup. Well, unless you don't want to go,” she replied, and nibbled on her lower lip. If he said no, it would throw her whole night off.

“It's fine. I just didn't think it would be something you'd like.” He still thought what Buffy suggested they do that night was a little weird, but if that's what she wanted to do, he'd go. He would probably like it anyway. Maybe that's why she'd suggested it, because he would like it.

“Willow heard about it somewhere and said it would be fun,” she lied, hoping he didn't notice her eyes dart away. She hated lying to him. “Plus, it's good to do different things every once in a while.”

“I guess you're right.” Angel studied Buffy, wondering why she seemed to fidgety. He was quickly lost, though, in how pretty she looked. Involuntarily, he found himself leaning toward her, thinking to pull her close and kiss her hello. It'd been too long – two weeks – since he'd last seen her. Before he could press his lips to hers, he thought better of it. He knew he wouldn't be able to control himself if he touched her. Better not to tempt himself.

“Ready to go?” he said instead.

“Yup.” Let's get this show on the road, she added silently.


The location of the show they were going to was too far to walk so they took Angel's big boat of a car to get there. It still amused Buffy that Angel had a huge, black car. Well, the color shouldn't have surprised her. He was a darks kind of guy. But the size and the style...that's what made her shake her head. And a convertible, for pete's sake! What vampire – as Angel used to be – drove a convertible?

Not that it mattered anymore. Now that Angel could go out in the sunlight, it was nice to drive around with the car's top down. Who would have thought she and Angel would ever be able to do such things? Certainly not her. Vampires weren't supposed to turn human, or half-human. But then, strange things tended to happen in her world, like dying and being revived, happiness clauses, mayors who turned into big snakes...and on and on.

Buffy was pulled from her musings by Angel's car coming to a halt. She looked around and saw that they'd arrived at the building where the show was being hosted. Knowing what was about to happen made her suddenly nervous. Well, more nervous. But she wasn't going to back down now. She grabbed her little purse and stepped out of the car. Angel was by her side in seconds.

Here goes nothing, she thought and turned to smile at Angel. “I think I'll leave my coat in the car.”

Slowly, she undid the buttons of the black coat and then slipped it off her shoulders. Angel's reaction was instantaneous. His mouth dropped open and his eyes widened. Buffy hoped that was a good sign. She watched him carefully beneath her lashes as she took her time folding her coat. She saw Angel swallow heavily and shift around on his feet. And if the slight tenting in his pants was any indication...Buffy battled to keep a grin off her face. Looked like Cordy had done a good job helping her pick out her dress for the evening.

Now for the coup de grace. Turning around, presenting her back to Angel, Buffy set her coat in the car. She wasn't sure, but she thought she heard Angel groan. Another good sign. So she took her time making sure her coat was placed in just the right position on the seat.

Dear God, Angel mumbled to himself. That was...there wasn't...DAMN! He couldn't take his eyes off Buffy. She was clad in a vibrant red dress made of a lacy material with a flesh-toned, mesh-like under-layer. But that wasn't what he noticed most. The material clung to her skin, outlining every delicious curve.

On top, the dress was halter style, looping around her neck. The front consisted of two strips of that lacy red material, one covering each breast, and leaving the middle part of her body open down to almost her navel. It was a thoroughly enticing view.

The bottom half was snug against Buffy's knees, then flared slightly. Angel's eyes ran up the exposed skin of her lower legs, feeling a strong desire to trace his fingers over each and every inch. And the back of the dress....Angel gulped. There wasn't a back of the dress, at least not on top. It was completely open until the curve of her backside.

Angel's hands twitched at his sides. He swallowed hard again. He was seriously tempted to step up to her and run his tongue up the indentation of her spine. Before he could stop himself, he'd taken one step forward. The blaring of a car horn nearby jerked him back to reality. He took two steps backwards, but his eyes remained on Buffy and that evil, delicious, indecent, irresistible dress she was wearing. This was going to be a long, long night.

Finally, Buffy finished settling her coat and turned back to Angel. He looked decidedly uncomfortable – in a good way. “All set,” she told him cheerfully.

“Umm, yeah. I guess we sh-should head in.” The stutter embarrassed Angel. He was two-hundred and fifty years old! Or something like that. Who could think of ages at a time like this? Regardless, he shouldn't be stuttering over Buffy's eye-popping dress!

Taking Buffy's arm – an action he was almost reluctant to make – Angel led Buffy down the sidewalk toward their destination. The gallery they were headed to looked to be housed in a converted warehouse. The front of the first floor had been replaced with huge glass windows, and Angel could see numerous people milling about inside. He wondered what kind of exhibit they would be seeing. As they neared the door, he saw a poster advertising tonight's showing. It only listed several artists' names and some other general information.

Buffy walked through the door ahead of Angel and was greeted by a rather unusual sculpture. She swallowed a nervous chuckle. Taking a deep breath, she forced an indifferent expression. She could do this. She could be worldly. She'd known what she was likely to see before coming here tonight. It was part of the plan.

“That's a rather large...,” she trailed off, studying the sculpture curiously.

“Yeah,” Angel agreed, warily eyeing the six foot tall penis made out of pristine white marble. What the hell had he gotten himself into?

They gave the giant penis a wide berth as they walked past and moved into the next room. Buffy couldn't help casting a glance over her shoulder at the marble monstrosity. It was so life-like...a tug on her arm forced Buffy's attention forward again. Only to be faced with a roomful of erotic sculptures. Oh boy. Willow really should have given her more warning about what she'd see at this exhibition.

“This is...uh...different,” Angel mumbled near Buffy's ear. “How did you hear about this again?”

“Oh, um...Willow told me about it,” she relayed, then added, “she heard it was really popular.”

Angel frowned. How in the world had little Willow heard about an erotic art showing? And why in the world had Buffy dragged him here? Wasn't it bad enough that he had to see her in that damnable dress? Now he had to see her in that sexy red thing while standing next to...what was that? A clay sculpture of a woman's chest being caressed by very male hands? He really didn't need the suggestive imagery. And – oh Lord – the breasts had pierced nipples.

Swiftly turning away, Angel instead found himself staring at two feminine, pink-marble bodies, tightly intertwined together. He was pretty sure the two females were kissing, among other things.

From behind Angel, Buffy pressed a hand to her mouth to hold back a laugh. Angel seemed more uncomfortable around all this sex-art than she did. Or it could just be the situation. At least it seemed like her plan for the evening was working. Of course, she was getting herself all hot and bothered as well. She really hoped this night ended with more than some kissing and light groping.

Time to kick things up another notch. Buffy stepped up behind Angel. She leaned forward, allowing her left breast to brush against his arm. She felt, more than saw, Angel shiver. Gazing at the sculpture, she pursed her lips.

“I think this one should be called 'Every Guy's Fantasy',” she said in a soft voice.

Angel's eyes whipped down to Buffy. “Wh-what?” There he went stuttering again.

“Well, it's a known fact that every heterosexual guy on the planet wants to see two women doing,” she waved a hand at the statue, “that.”

“ I guess some guys like...that stuff.” He'd never admit out loud to Buffy that during his 'bad boy' days, he'd not only seen such a sight in person, but participated as well. No, he didn't think that would go over very well. Maybe they'd better move on to look at something else. “Why don't we go into the next room?”

“Sure.” She smiled happily up at Angel, pressing herself tightly against his side.

Though it was torture to do so, Angel wrapped an arm around Buffy's waist, his hand resting lightly on her firm belly. It took all his willpower not to let his fingers trail upwards to the enticing flesh barely covered by the halter top of the dress. Just thinking about what was underneath that lacy red material made his fingers tighten on Buffy's stomach. He was glad Buffy was standing half in front of him, or everyone in the room would think he was getting a hard-on like some teenager looking at his Dad's Playboy. His...condition...had nothing – okay little – to do with the art, and everything to do with Buffy's lithe body so close to his, and so meagerly covered.

Together, they walked through the archway into the next room, and Angel nearly groaned aloud. This one wasn't filled with sculptures of body parts. No, this room had photographs of body parts. Full color depictions of sensual acts between men and woman. Oh, they weren't hardcore pornography. Nothing like that could actually be seen in the photos. They were just suggestive. Enough to put the idea in a viewer's head.

Buffy led Angel off to the right and stopped in front of an eight by ten picture that showed the slightly blurred image of woman lying on a bed, but only from just below the navel up. The blissful look on the woman's face was a pretty good clue as to what was going on in the unseen portion of the photograph. The woman looked happy, Buffy had to give her that.

She leaned back against Angel, pressing herself close to him. There was no mistaking the effect their evening was having on his lower portions. So far so good. But she wasn't done yet.

“I wonder how much those models get paid,” she mused casually. “Looks worth it, no matter how much she made.”

This time, Angel did groan aloud.

\+\+\+\+\+\+\+\+\ Part 3 \+\+\+\+\+\+\+\+\

Angel had never been so glad to leave somewhere than he was to get out of the gallery full of erotic art. It wasn't that he didn't approve of such risque subject material. He was a fan of art, all art, and believed in creative freedom. But standing there looking at all those sexy images with Buffy practically draping herself all over him in the drool-worthy dress was just too much to handle. He'd spent most of the time in the gallery with his hands jammed in his pockets to keep from reaching out and grabbing her.

When had he turned into a hormonal teenager? He should be able to look at erotic art and sexy Buffy without wanting to throw her down and get busy. But no, that's all he'd wanted to do. It was ridiculous. Angel was tempted to blame his eagerness on the fact that it had been over three months since the Oracles partially restored his humanity and since then, he and Buffy had been taking it slow. That reason would work if he hadn't previously spent so much time around her without being overcome by his hormones. Her whole senior year of high school – when they'd known about the curse - they'd mostly managed to keep things cool.

Maybe it had something to do with the fact that now he could make love to Buffy without worrying about his soul. They were free to do whatever they wanted physically. And they'd decided to wait. Yeah, maybe that was why he was walking around with a perpetual hard-on.

The light on the sidewalk outside the gallery was dim, and Angel was glad for it. He was pretty sure Buffy knew of his...condition...but he didn't want to advertise it to everyone they walked by. It looked like he was going to need another visit from the Cold Shower Fairy tonight.

They reached Angel's car and he opened the door for Buffy, waited for her to get in and then closed it. He circled the car and got in the driver's side. Wow, was it him, or did the car seem a lot smaller than before? Angel shifted, futilely hoping to relieve some of the discomfort in his pants. No luck.

“Should I drop you off at Cordelia's?” he asked, then felt like an ass. He didn't want Buffy to think he was trying to get rid of her, but he was dying here.

“We left my bag at your place,” she pointed out, holding back a smile. “Besides, Cordy said not to come back early. She's” At least that was the excuse she and Cordelia had come up with.

“Oh, okay.” Damn Cordelia. Of all the times to get a social life.

“We can stop somewhere and get some sandwiches to take back for dinner,” she suggested, rotating slightly so she was facing Angel.

Right, food. He could handle that. He and Buffy could go back to his apartment and eat dinner. “Sure.” He glanced at Buffy, saw the way she was leaning against the door facing him with a finger from her right hand twirling a tendril of hair, and gulped.


Buffy sauntered into the building that housed Angel Investigations and Angel's apartment. She took a quick peek behind her and saw Angel following, carrying the bag that contained the food they'd picked up for dinner. When she reached her overnight bag that sat just inside the office, she slowly bent over and picked it up, making sure each movement was deliberate. She heard the plastic bag in Angel's hand fall to the floor and held back a giggle. Good thing they hadn't gotten anything messy for dinner. This whole seduction of Angel was a lot more fun than she'd anticipated, though she did feel a little guilty about torturing him like this.

“Everything okay?” she asked lightly.

“Yeah. The bag just...slipped,” Angel answered, embarrassed that the sight of Buffy's curved backside had made him drop their dinner.

“Why don't we go downstairs? You can get dinner ready while I change out of this dress and into something more...comfortable,” she relayed, shouldering the strap of her bag as she moved to the elevator.

Something about the way Buffy said 'comfortable' made Angel uneasy, but he brushed off the worry. There was nothing wrong with her plan. Who could blame her for not wanting to sit around at home wearing that fancy, yummy dress? Angel paused and considered the situation. There was a definite bonus to Buffy changing. He wouldn't have to stare at her in that enticing outfit any longer. Maybe then he'd be able to get his hormones under control. Still, he kind of hated to see the dress go.

“Coming?” she questioned when she saw Angel just standing in the middle of his office.

“Yeah, sorry. I got distracted for a minute.”

Buffy almost giggled again. She'd just bet he was distracted. The way he was holding the bag with their dinner directly in front of his crotch told her just how distracted he was.


The table was set and the sandwiches laid out. Angel poured two glasses of Buffy's favorite diet soda and set them alongside their plates. He checked to make sure he had everything in place, glad to have the momentary distraction of dealing with dinner. Their meal was all ready. Now he just had to wait for Buffy.

Glancing at his watch, he saw that it was just about midnight. Buffy had told him Cordelia would be busy until two or three. That left two hours, at least, for him to keep his libido under control. They'd eat dinner, then maybe watch a movie. With him sitting in one chair, and her in another, no parts of their bodies touching. Yup, that would work perfectly. He'd be able to do this.

Angel heard the door to his bedroom open and turned to smile at Buffy. His lips froze mid-grin. Damn. And he'd thought the lacy red dress was bad!

On the bottom half of her body, she wore a tiny pair of black, cotton shorts. The item itself was rather basic, but when worn, the shorts left Buffy's legs deliciously bare and lightly hugged her backside. Completing the outfit was a snug, also tiny, black tank top with spaghetti straps. On the front of the top was a devil face with the words 'Bad Girl' written above it, right across her breasts.

It was a toss up which of the outfits Buffy had worn tonight covered more skin. Despite one being fancy, and the other being lounge-wear, both were incredibly sexy. He couldn't seem to take his eyes off her. They roved each and every inch of bare skin. She looked absolutely...edible.

If Angel thought things were bad now, he nearly fell over when Buffy paused by the couch, a bottle of lotion in her left hand. She leaned a hip against the back of the sofa and squeezed a dollop of white cream into her right palm. Her movements seemed to be in slow motion to Angel as she smoothed the lotion over her right arm.

Angel's breaths came in heavy pants as he watched her apply the lotion over her other arm, then across the exposed, upper part of her chest. When she raised one leg and rested her foot on the end table and began smoothing the cream over her leg, Angel lost control. He lurched forward. And came to a crashing halt. Looking down, he saw that he'd walked straight into his dining room table.

The dishes and silverware rattled against each other. Angel watched dumbly as one of the soda glasses teetered, then tipped over. When the liquid began running across the table, he finally was able to make himself move again.

As Angel dashed to the counter to grab some paper towels, Buffy bit the inside of her lip to keep from laughing. She'd seen him out of the corner of her eye as he jumped forward and smacked right into the table. Angel was definitely on edge. Willow's lotion suggestion had been a good one.

“Do you need help?” she asked, scurrying over to the table.

“No, no. I got it,” he muttered, soaking up the spilled drink with a pile of towels.

“Okay.” Buffy shrugged and set her bottle of lotion down on the counter. She waited while Angel finished cleaning up the mess and poured her a new drink.

“At least the food didn't get ruined,” he said sheepishly when he was done. All the while, he was calling himself an idiot because of his total lack of control. “I think it's safe to eat now.”

“Cool,” Buffy took a seat and smiled widely at Angel, staring at him. “I'm starved.”

Angel plopped down onto his chair and promptly took a bite of his sandwich. It might not have been the politest thing to do, but it kept him from doing yet one more moronic thing.


Dinner was fairly quiet and quick. Angel seemed lost in thought, and very focused on eating his sandwich. Buffy didn't really mind. She occupied herself with her food, but made sure to keep up with her plan of seducing Angel. His eyes left his sandwich long enough to watch her lick her fingers clean.

Once they finished eating, Angel insisted on cleaning up, though Buffy offered to do it. Instead, she wandered around Angel's apartment. She'd been inside it numerous times now, but she still enjoyed checking out all his things. There was always some new little tid bit for her to learn about Angel.

On of the numerous bookshelves, Buffy spied a worn looking notebook. She shuffled over to it and picked up the book. Opening the front cover, she saw that it contained sketching paper, along with Angel's drawings. Her fingers touched the pencil lines and she smiled. He was such an amazing artist.

A momentary pang of the past struck Buffy as she remembered how she first learned of his talent, when Angelus had left a sketch for her. She shook it off. Angelus was gone and he wasn't ever coming back. She and Angel were together now, truly together without any restrictions. Or at least they soon would be.

Buffy focused back on the book, flipping through the pages of his drawings. This volume looked to contain mostly sketches of sunrises and sunsets. She flicked a glance at Angel who was still washing the dishes. It didn't surprise her that he'd chosen to do numerous works on sun scenes. They were, after all, something he hadn't been able to see for so long. She couldn't even imagine what it must have been like for him to always live under the cover of night.

That was all over now. Sure, they still had demons to fight and neither of them was normal, but they had the opportunity for some normalcy now. Which directed Buffy back to her purpose for this night.

She'd had a vague plan for how the rest of the evening should progress, but as Buffy stared at the sketch book, a new idea formed. Her finger tapped on the pages as she considered it. The idea definitely had some merit. But how would she get Angel to go along?

Buffy was so preoccupied by her scheming that she jumped when Angel stepped beside her and placed a hand on her arm. “I see you haven't lost the ability to sneak up on people,” she teased.

“Sorry,” Angel apologized. He tilted his head to see what Buffy was looking at, and he blushed when he realized it was one of his sketch books. “They're just some doodles.”

“They're not doodles,” Buffy disagreed. “These are really good.”

“It used to keep me from getting bored during the day,” he explained, thinking of all the daylight hours he'd spent cooped up in the dark.

“But now you can draw anything you want, anywhere you want.” Buffy rested her head on Angel's shoulder, flipping through the pages again. She nibbled on her lower lip, then looked up at Angel. “Would you draw me?”

“What?” He looked down at her, confused.

“I want you to draw me,” she repeated her request.


“Please?” She gazed up at him, her lower lip jutting out, and batted her lashes.

Angel sighed and took the book from Buffy's hands. He closed it and set it back on the shelf while considering what she wanted him to do. He could always tell her he'd done tons of sketches of her already, but he was too embarrassed to show her the book full of images of her. That didn't mean he thought he could sit through drawing her in person without going crazy.

“I don't know...”

“Please,” she begged, leaning into him.

That little puppy dog look was just impossible to resist. “Okay,” he gave in. “Do you, uh, just want to sit on the couch?”

“Hmm...lemme think about it while I go fix myself up,” she told him while she stepped away and started walking toward his bedroom.

“Fix yourself up?” he asked. “You look perfect.”

“Right,” Buffy snorted. “I won't be long. I'm just going to do my hair and my makeup.” And a few other things...

\+\+\+\+\+\+\+\+\ Part 4 \+\+\+\+\+\+\+\+\

Back and forth Angel paced across the living room, a sketch pad clenched in one hand and a charcoal pencil in the other. How in the world had the night progressed to this point, he wondered. It seemed like every single thing he'd done with Buffy tonight had supercharged his libido. Sure whenever he was around Buffy he wanted her. It had always been that way. But tonight it was a hundred times worse.

And now he was going to have to sit and sketch her.

Angel leaned against the wall and let his head fall back. Maybe he could make up some excuse to back out of it. No, he couldn't do that. She really wanted him to draw her for some reason. He couldn't deny her something so seemingly simple. Except it wasn't simple. Angel knew the entire process would be sheer torture for him. Somehow, he'd make it through.

From his position against the wall, Angel glanced at the closed door to his bedroom. What was taking Buffy so long? She'd said she was only going to fix her hair and put some makeup on, but she'd been in there almost twenty minutes. He considered checking to see if she was okay, but decided not to. He could use the extra time to get himself under control.

“Okay, I'm ready,” came Buffy's shout from the bedroom just then.

So much for extra time. But why was she still in his room?

“Aren't you coming out?” he yelled back to her.

“No. Why don't we do it in here?”

In his bedroom? Angel swallowed hard. It was a conspiracy, that's what it was. Drawing Buffy in itself would be torture...but drawing her in his bedroom...perhaps on his bed? Maybe making up an excuse to get out of this wasn't such a bad idea after all.

Cautiously, he walked toward the closed door, pausing in front of it. He'd be reasonable, suggest that maybe they should watch a movie. On separate chairs. Or go for a drive. Anything to provide a distraction. There had to be something else they could do.

Angel finally reached out, turned the knob, and pushed the door open.

His jaw dropped, his eyes widened. The sketchbook fell out of his left hand, and the pencil dropped heedlessly to the floor.


There, only a few feet in front of him, was a scene out of Angel's most vivid fantasies. The room was shrouded in the light of a myriad of candles. Where they'd come from, he didn't know. He didn't particularly care, either. It was the image on the bed that held him rapt.

On top of his favorite red silk sheets was Buffy. A gloriously nude Buffy. Her body was sprawled diagonally across the mattress and she lay half on her side with her limbs arranged in a way to seductively cover the important parts. But even though Angel could only see the curve of her breasts and the shadowed triangle of where her thighs met, he felt like he could see all of her?.

She propped herself up on one elbow, staring at him with a small smile on her face. The look snapped Angel's last ounce of control. No one could be expected to restrain himself in this situation. Even the strongest man had a point where they broke.

Angel stalked to the end of the bed, all the while never taking his eyes off Buffy. When he'd crossed the few feet and his legs bumped the mattress, he stood and stared for a long thirty seconds before crawling up onto the bed. Buffy's smile widened and she rolled over, revealing every last bare inch of her skin. She barely had time to blink before Angel swooped down on her.

Their lips met in a frenzied kiss, mouths opening instantly. Angel's tongue delved into Buffy's mouth in an intimate caress. His hands stroked down her sides and then back up until they cupped the firm weight of each breast. He teased and touched for a minute, never letting his thumbs get too close to the aching tips.

Beneath him, Buffy moaned and arched into his hands, seeking more of the illicit pleasure. Still, he refused to give attention where she desperately needed it. She squirmed, her mouth breaking from the kiss on a gasp of frustration. Her hands tore at the shirt Angel wore, wanting – needing – to feel his skin.

Angel leaned back long enough to whip his shirt over his head. He tossed it over his back, not caring in the least where it landed. All he could think about was Buffy's naked, glistening body. He swooped back in, planting a quick, greedy kiss to her mouth before trailing away. A nibble on her jaw, a swift nip at her earlobe, then moving on to the pounding pulse point on her neck.

When Angel's mouth finally inched its way south and latched onto Buffy's left nipple, she screamed out in pleasure. Her body felt like it was on fire. Unconsciously, her fingers dug into Angel's scalp, holding him in place as his tongue and teeth nipped and soothed her aroused flesh. She didn't know how much more she could take before she burst into flames.

No sooner had the thought crossed her mind when Angel sucked the hardened point into his mouth at the same time his thumb and forefinger pinched her sensitive clit. Buffy's back bowed off the bed and she screamed in ecstasy as a blinding orgasm shot through her. Every muscle in her body went tense at the feeling, then as it ever-so-slowly eased away, she sank limply into the bed.

Reality returned in flashes and when Buffy finally managed to pull her eyes open again, Angel loomed above her, somehow devoid of his pants and boxers. She would have wondered how he'd managed that if her mind hadn't been so pleasantly numb. Her wits gathered enough for her to run her gaze down Angel's deliciously sculpted body until it landed on his hard cock, poised at the entrance to her sex. She raised her eyes to Angel's and the fire she saw in his deep brown eyes had her squirming once again.

Angel rocked against her, teasing but not entering. Wrapping her legs around his waist, Buffy urged him forward. He started to sink into her, then resisted. Buffy squeezed her thighs harder, needing him to fill her, needing more despite the release she'd just had. But Angel would not obey. She looked at him and saw a pained expression on his face.

“Angel, please,” she begged in a breathy pant.

“We...I don't,” he said through gritted teeth. He didn't even know if it was necessary. Who knew if a two-hundred plus year old former vampire, now half-human could sire children? It was a chance he didn't want to take. Which meant he was screwed, in a bad way, because he had not been prepared for this possibility.

Buffy did not share Angel's worry. She flung her arm backwards and groped around in the nightstand. Finally, her fingers came into contact with the little foil packet and she grabbed it. Next thing Angel knew, she was shoving the condom in his face. He didn't bother to question it. Who would in this instance?

Protection in place, Angel jerked his hips forward, impaling Buffy in one swift thrust. Somebody shouted. Maybe both of them. Neither particularly cared. The sensation of being so fully joined after years apart was just too much.

Moving at this point in time was a bad idea. Angel could feel that he was on edge, but not moving was just as impossible. Having his cock surrounded by Buffy's slick heat was pure heaven. He pulled back, then thrust forward again. The wicked pleasure was so intense that Angel couldn't even feel Buffy's heels digging into his backside, or her nails scratching down his back. His entire focus was on where their bodies were deeply conjoined.

So wonderful. So beautiful. That was all Buffy could think as Angel filled her over and over again. How could she have ever lived without this? She felt like she was a part of Angel, part of something so absolutely amazing that there was nothing in the world that could compare to it.

She forced her eyes open, needing to see Angel, needing to look into the eyes of the only person she'd ever truly, completely loved. They stared at each other, their bodies moving in perfect synchronicity. Angel planted his hands on either side of Buffy's head and dipped down to seize her mouth, uniting their bodies in one more way.

The tingling started all the way down in Buffy's toes. Her body tightened, her sheath clenching around Angel's cock. The sensation sent Angel tumbling toward the edge. He jerked, thrusting harder and harder into Buffy, his pubic bone hitting her in just the right spot. Time seemed to stop as they simultaneously fell from the highest, steepest orgasmic cliff.


“Buffy!” they called as one.

On and on and on the endless pleasure went, sending them both spiraling out of control. Then, the only sounds that could be heard were their panting breaths. Angel's arms shook as he tried to hold himself up, but it was a losing battle. He simply didn't have the strength. He kept his senses together long enough to wrap his arms around Buffy and rolled onto his back. She sprawled limply on top of him, too weak to even think about moving even a finger.

“Mmm. Love you,” she mumbled sleepily.

“I love you, too,” he replied, somehow finding enough energy to drag the sheet up over them.


Sometime later, Buffy awoke. Her body felt gratifyingly sore and thoroughly loved. She felt ridiculously perfect. What a night! She rubbed her cheek against Angel's shoulder and blinked open her eyes to find Angel staring at her.

“You're awake,” she said over a yawn.

“I still don't sleep much,” he answered, running a hand down Buffy's back. He tilted his head and peered at her. “You okay?”

“Mmm...I'm great,” she replied lazily.

Angel was quiet for a minute, never taking his eyes off Buffy. Finally, he voiced the thought in his head. “You planned this, didn't you?”

The question made Buffy stiffen slightly, though Angel's tone had not been angry. “Ummm...yeah,” she admitted, looking at him sheepishly. “What gave it away?”

“The convenient condom on the nightstand,” he explained. “It made me think over the whole night...the dress, the erotic art exhibit, dinner...asking me to sketch you...and then...”

“I'm sorry,” she mumbled apologetically. Buffy knew her actions had been devious and she couldn't help feeling guilty about how she'd tortured Angel.

“It's okay.” He lifted a hand and caressed her cheek.

Buffy stared hopefully at him. “You're not mad?”

“No,” he laughed. “How could I possibly be mad about something so wonderful?”

“It was pretty amazing,” she agreed, stretching against him as relief coursed through her that Angel was not angry with her.

“I just have one question,” Angel said, hugging her close. “What made you do it?”

Blushing, Buffy averted her eyes. “I...uh...,” she blew out a breath, “I know we said we would wait a while...and we did...but every time I came to visit, it just got harder and harder to not you.”

“I know what you mean,” he muttered with a chuckle. “I kept telling myself we had all the time in the world, but it didn't help.”

“So you were tired of waiting too, huh?”

“Yeah,” he conceded.

“Looks like we were both in the same boat and didn't know it.” Buffy perched herself on one elbow, regarding Angel lazily. “I think we need to work on our communication skills.”

Laughing, Angel tugged Buffy back down on top of him. “Yeah,” he agreed and kissed her softly.

“Mmm,” she hummed against his lips. “Good thing we've got the whole night to do some more...communicating.”

All thought left Angel's mind as Buffy tossed a leg over his torso and straddled him. He hoped she'd brought more condoms with her in that bag of seduction supplies. They'd be in big trouble if she hadn't. He planned to do a whole lot of...communicating. By morning, neither of them would likely be able to utter a word. He grinned when Buffy reached over and plucked the rest of the box of condoms off the table. Yeah, there would be a whole lot communicating going on. They had almost four months of sexual frustration to work out, and a whole lifetime of being together to look forward too.


The End!