Half Way Up

Half-Human/Half-Vampire, etc.


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Just In Time: Alternate Becoming Part II and Anne



Heroes of Myth and Legend

  • Phoenix: Buffy returns from L.A. acting strangely, and what exactly happened is anyone's guess. *award winner*
  • Guardian: Angel struggles to understand his new destiny, and Buffy discovers a destiny all her own.
  • Soulmate: Buffy and Angel struggle to reconcile their drastically different natures. ***incomplete***

Shut Up and Kiss Me: Buffy and Angel are seeing each other again in secret. R/NC-17
Jubilee: sequal to Shut Up and Kiss Me ***incomplete***


Dawn's Empath

Words of Meaning: Angel is Buffy's new substitute teacher.



Great Expectations: Buffy, Angel, and a baby... R

GMB Loves Angel

The Prophecy: A spirit of destiny steps in to make sure Angel's soul will not be lost, and changes begin for everyone.
The Babies: Sequel to The Prophecy


Isis FG

I Dreamt of Someday: Angel returns with news for Buffy, but is shocked by what he finds in Sunnydale. optional NC 17 scene

Shadows in Time series

A Far Cry From Yesterday: Buffy must face the consequences of her actions.
A Moment For Goodbye: Angel reflects on his last night in Sunnydale. NC 17
A Chance To Survive Today: Buffy begins her life over with a new/old friend.
A Small Sacrifice For Tomorrow: An old face reappears in Buffy's life.
A Choice For The Future: Final installment in the series.


LJS Angel

Her True Gift: Fortunately Angel's around when Riley's behavior deteriorates...






The Other Side of Tomorrow: Buffy is the Goddess of Home and Family, but her own home and family isn't much to be desired. NC 17

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