Forgive & Forget

Stories where Angel became human at some point in the past


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An Angel's Return: Alternate Beauty & The Beasts   
Friends Helping Friends Reconcile: Buffy and Angel have some alien issues to deal with. A Roswell crossover.
Unfinished Business : Sequel to Friends Helping Friends Reconcile
Getting An Angel: Buffy calls Angel for support in dealing with her mother's illness.
Viva Las Vegas: The Sunnydale gang runs to Las Vegas for their Spring Break.


I Do: Buffy and Angel are about to get married, when Riley shows up to stir up trouble.


Her Guardian Angel: Angel has a Christmas surprise for Buffy.
Snowed In: Angel saves Buffy from a lonely Christmas.


Without Words:  Buffy and Angel reunite over music.


Angel's First Time: Buffy drags Angel grocery shopping.
Little Things: Angel takes a moment just to think about the little things. Sequel to Angel's First Time
A Trick of the Light: Buffy and Angel unexpectedly collide...


Becca Addison

A Glimpse: Buffy gets to see what her life might have been like if she'd made a crucial different decision.


Wood Shed: A drunken confession from Buffy leads Willow and Cordelia to play match maker. R


Cat D.

Tradition: Buffy runs into Angel, and finds there's something very important he neglected to tell her... *award winner*

Christina aka Baby Angel

Reality and Fairytales: Angel returns to Sunnydale, though not for any reasons Buffy would want.


Worth the Wait: A Buffy/Angel evening...


The Patriarch: A young woman discovers an incredible family legacy.



I Will Still Love You: Buffy and Angel have some news to share...



Bells in the Sunshine: Buffy's about to get married...
The Birthday Dinner: Buffy and Angel have some celebrating to do.
Hopelessly Devoted: Buffy's got a surprise...
Not Entirely Perfect: Drunken Angel POV


Stay: Buffy gets a surprise on her front step.



Happily Ever After?: Angel drops in on Buffy with some rather cryptic news.
Traffic Watching: All it takes is a little traffic watching to change one's life for the better.


GMB Loves Angel

Reunion: Cordelia has an urgent message for Buffy. NC-17


A Trip to the Pound: Buffy convinces Angel to get a dog.



Forever Love series

  • Who Will She Choose?: Angel shows up again in Sunnydale, and Buffy is faced with a decision.
  • Telling Riley: Buffy has something important to reveal
  • Feverish: Buffy's sick and Angel keeps her company
  • Catfight: Buffy and Angel get a new pet that's quite the handful.


Isis FG

Always A Bridesmaid: Buffy and Angel run into each other in Las Vegas. NC 17
Falls Apart: Angel has earned his humanity, but is a happy ending with Buffy possible? - 2 endings. optional NC 17 scene
It Started As A Simple Night Out: Sequel to Always A Bridesmaid. NC 17
Release the Demons: Gaining his humanity is a difficult prospect for Angel to deal with.
Until I Cry: Buffy took off after 'Chosen'...where?...and why?



Finally: One week after becoming human again, Angel returns to Sunnydale for Buffy's graduation.

Hidden Series

  • Hidden Words: On her wedding day, Buffy learns a secret that has been kept from her for 9 years.
  • Hidden Away: Buffy and Angel discuss what has happened since they parted ways.
  • Hidden Friends: Buffy discovers that she has more friends than she thought.
  • Hidden Truth: Xander comes to L.A. to talk with Buffy.
  • Hidden Demons: It's time for Buffy to face Willow and Giles once again.
  • Hidden Day: Angel has something he has to tell Buffy.
  • Hidden Ceremony: At last, a wedding for Buffy and Angel...
  • Hidden Happiness: Buffy and Angel head back to Sunnydale for Giles' and Willow's wedding | PG-13 | NC-17 |
  • Hidden Jealousy: Angel's having issues...

In Love With You: Angel gains his humanity just as someone else loses theirs.
Nothing to Loose: Cordelia uses her wedding as an opportunity to reunite Buffy and Angel.

Surprise Series



Dearest Buffy: Angel writes Buffy a letter...
Not Entirely Perfect: Not everyone deals well with Angel becoming human.

Kelly Rowe

Dilemmas: Hank Summers gets in trouble with Wolfram and Hart, and turns to Angel for help.

Kerry Blackwell

Cat in the Hat: Buffy and Angel's attempt to deal with - and name - a new kitten.


I Want My Life To Be With You: Buffy's life flashes in front of her eyes.
Heaven Can Wait: Sequel to I Want My Life To Be With You - Heaven tries to rectify their mistake.
Out of Order: Years since they last spoke, Buffy and Angel get trapped in an elevator together. NC-17


Broken Chances: "I didn't think so much of him at first. But now I get it: he's everything that I'm not.". Very post NFA
Hemorrhage: Post NFA - Some things can't be given away and others can't be gotten back.
Stumble Into Grace: There's only one reason Angel ever wanted to be human.



Fever Dreams: For the first time in 200+ years, Angel has the flu. *award winner*


Unhappily Ever After: A recently widowed Buffy returns to California.





Look Up To The Sky:  After seven years, Buffy needs to see Angel.


Quintis Skywalker

Sunlight and Shadows: Short Angel's POV piece


Regala Electra

Destiny: When you've followed your destiny to its end...not as easy as it sounds.



Feel No Pain: Buffy and Angel parted years ago, and Buffy is living her 'normal' life. Tissue Warning


Afterglow: Angel's POV on a Saturday morning. NC-17


Memories: Buffy kills her husband in self defense, and runs to Angel for help.


Persuasive: Angel has something Buffy wants... NC-17


A Touch of Heaven: Buffy and Angel get their happy ending.



Annie: Buffy ran away from Sunnydale, and now it's up to Angel to find her again.



Chrysalis: Angel's tired and brooding...

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