Blessed Normalcy

Stories before Angel became a vampire or where he never was a vampire


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Reparations: A Slayer's view of Liam's life


As the Storm Clears: Buffy and Angel live in a world where vampires, etc. are legend, but that doesn't mean evil is non-existent.

Angelic Brat

Love Always Finds a Way: AU. Just guess who Buffy runs back into after 9 years apart. NC-17


Isis FG

Alone I Break: Tragedy has Buffy spiraling out of control.
Forever Begins Again: Angel returns to his hometown and find things have greatly changed.
Midnight Angel: Small town Sunnydale has many dark secrets.
Smoke & Mirrors: L.A. cop Angel finds himself face-to-face with his untrustworthy ex. NC 17



Playing With the Heart: In an alternate universe, Angel is the son of a Slayer, and now he's in Sunnydale...
Will You Hold My Hand?: Sequel to Playing With the Heart. Angel recovers, and lives continue with surprises in store.


Blissful Encounter: Buffy's an older woman, Angel's a bad boy.
By My Side: Angel's a PI, Buffy needs his help.
In Your Eyes: Sequel to "By My Side".
Unforgettable: The gang are all cops, lawyers or the like and B/A have an estranged relationship.



Masquerade: AU story. Buffy has amnesia, so how can she sort out the truth from the lies?


Toxic Past: Angel’s life is in a downward spiral until he meets an angel of his own but life proves once again it’s not always a bed of roses.






I Feel You: Buffy is a kindergarten teacher in New York City. Angel is a popular TV star.
Leap of Faith: Buffy meets her soul mate in a nightclub, Angel McBride. He promises to call for another date, but some unforseen circumstances get in the way. NC 17
Touching Reality: After recovering from a coma, Angel discovers that the voice he’d been hearing while unconscious wasn’t just a figment of his imagination. NC 17

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