Peeping Winky

Another Angel/Winky Ficlet for ya!
Set just after the dirty (okay, artsy) flick in Enemies

Angel watched Buffy leave with Faith, debating whether he should follow them or just go home.

He definitely needed a cold shower. Or 50.

Winky: You think that's gonna take care of our..problem? Think again.

Angel: Look, I swear, I thought it was about food!

Winky: Whatever, man. So you thought, what, a quick work and jerk and everything's right with the world again? Not this time.

Angel: Well, I can't exactly walk around like *this* for the rest of the night.

Winky: So follow her and wait till they're done doing....whatever, and score us some Buffy hand! Or mouth. I'm all for mouth.

Angel: You know we can't.

Winky: I never promised anything...perfect, especially since it'll be all over in about a minute. And that's being optimistic.

Angel: You know, sometimes I really don't like you. Buffy's not some cheap whore, just to be used to make YOU happy.

Winky: Who called her a whore? Plus, hey, that's what your tongue is made for, buddy! Take care of business! I already talked to him, he's in.

Angel Tongue: I live to serve.

Angel: You stay out of this.

Winky: Look, man, at least follow her home. We can try to catch some Naked!Buffy action. Throw me a scrap here, pal!

Angel: You know, I'm not a peeping tom.

Winky: Well, your choice: I can stay up like this for a LOOONG time, and embarass you for a couple days, or you can do a little stalking, Buffy-style.

Angel: Don't you think that's a little wrong? She wouldn't even know I was there. I don't like to spy on her.

Winky: Liar. And she's the Slayer, dumbass. She can sense us from a mile away. Hell, we might even get a little show! Start walking!

Angel: Why do I listen to you? ::begins following Buffy's trail::

Winky: Because you know I'm right. Oh, on the way, let's stop by the store. I know one little lady who's getting a kimono for her birthday!

Angel: Scratch my previous comments. Sometimes I like the way you think.

Angel grunted softly as he pulled himself onto the roof, crawling forward until he was settled in to his usual spot outside Buffy's window.

Winky: She's not in there.

Angel: I saw her go in thirty minutes ago. She's probably in the shower.

Winky: Now we're talking.

The door opens to reveal Buffy in a robe, brushing out her hair. She pauses for a second, then takes a seat at the mirror and stares at her reflection.

Winky: Perfect placement, dollface! Bring on the boobies!

Angel: Would you stop?

Winky: Hey, it's not like I'm exactly renowned for my patience.

Angel: Well, just keep it down, alright? I'm trying to concen....

All thought is interrupted as Buffy rises slowly, her eyes still trained on the relfection of the window behind her.

Angel: We gotta go, I think she's on to us.

Winky: You go and I promise--blue balls for a month.

Angel ignored this, making a move to run if she turned to the window. Instead, she slowly, sensually ran her hands along the tie of the robe, and pulled the ends painstakingly until the fabric was hanging loosely over her nude form.

Angel: Oh

Winky: My

Angel: God.

Winky: I fucking TOLD YOU SO! She knows we're here, and she wants to give big daddy a little show! You owe me.

Angel: Uhhhh.....uhhhhhh

His eyes were trained on Buffy's reflection as she slipped the sides of the robe down to her elbows, revealing her breasts to his gaze. She smiled slightly, then ran her hands slowly from her throat, down over her nipples, then back up.

Winky: BOOBIES! I SEE BOOBIES! Remind me to send you a fucking fruitbasket or something, man. You actually picked a winner this time.

Angel reached down to slowly stroke him self in time with Buffy's caresses over her body.

Winky: Alright, Cool Hand Luke, I'm gonna let you do this, but just so you know? I'm imagining it's her.

Angel: Yeah, me too.

Both were silent as Buffy shucked the robe completely, revealing her naked body to his sight. He drank it in greedily, his eyes hungrily following the path of her hands. She slowly turned and walked to the bed, lying down but never stopping the caress of her hands.

Winky: She's gonna do it, man.

Angel: No she's not.

Winky: Yes she is, man! DAMN you have the coolest girlfriend EVER! Okay, now maybe I can telepathically tell her to open those sweet young thighs and....

As if she had heard him, she slowly spread her legs, keeping her knees bent but allowing Angel a pretty good view of what lay between them. Even from a few feet away he could see she was extremely wet. She slowly traced a hand down over her stomach, teasing lightly before slipping one finger between her folds and moaning.

Winky: You realize this is going to be over very quickly, right?

Angel: Preaching to the choir, man.

Angel unzipped his pants slowly, pulling out his swollen cock and using the wet droplets already present at the head to aid in the sweeping motions of his hand.

Winky: Pretending it's Buffy, pretending it's Buffy.

Angel: (grunting) Uh-huh.

Angel stared, slack-jawed and brow furrowed as Buffy writhed on the bed, thrusting two fingers in and out of the hot depths he could recall at any given moment of the day. She fondled one breast and then the other, pinching her nipples lightly and gasping.

Buffy: Angel....god, Angel....

Angel: Oh shit.

Winky: She's doing that on purpose. It's working. Hope you got a rag or something handy, cause this train is pulling into the station!

He stroked roughly, imaging himself coming through the window and thrusting into her, claiming her as his rightful mate and enjoying the sweet warmth of her body forever.

Buffy's moaning increased in volume, her hips rising off the bed as she sought to reach her own peak.

Buffy: Angel, yes! God, yes! I love you!

Her choked cry signaled her release, and she convulsed for a few moments before laying back on the bed, breathing rapidly.

His own hoarse moaning had hopefully been camoflauged by hers as he spilled over his hand and onto his pants. He slumped back, resting against the house as he tried to catch his unnecessary breath.

Winky: I told you this was a good idea.

Angel: You're a sore winner, you know that?

He cleaned himself up as best he good and straightened his clothes, preparing to jump down to the ground, when Buffy's voice caught him by surprise.

Buffy: Next time, maybe you should come inside.

He didn't mistake her double meaning, but chose not to comment on it.

Angel: Maybe I will.

He smiled and hopped down, walking into the night.

Winky: What's this MAYBE shit? That was an engraved invite if I ever heard one.

The End :)