I've got a "Passion" for some Winky!

Notes: I cannot tell a lie. I have been drinking. I have an extremely depressing life. What does this add up to?

WINKY fic of course! Mwa haha....

For those of you requesting some ball-busting, leather-pants wearing Angelus fic, here it is! He's just so naughty...I just want to grab a big old handful of Borean-ass and NEVER let go...Or that could be the alcohol talking. Anyway, read on!

Timeline: During the Buffy Sketching Session in Passions, because there is NO WAY in hell a dirty bastard like Angelus would just draw her picture and leave...not if Winky had anything to say about it!

He climbed stealthily through the window, watching her sleeping form for the slightest hint of movement. Warily, he crept over to the bed, settling onto the mattress beside her.

It really WAS a shame that he would have to kill her.

But, all in due time, of course. He would wait until the time was right, and then claim his victory. The death of a Slayer was always glorious to behold; One could inflict so much pain before they broke.

He pulled out the sketchpad and charcoal from his coat, gazing at her moonlit face and sighing a little. Maybe he would turn her. Of course, he would still have to tame her, but that was half the fun.

Winky: If we're going multiple choice, lemme just cast my vote for turning. I'm sorry, but it would just be a travesty to deprive me of an eternity of Slayer-pussy.

Angelus: You really don't get much of a say in things anymore.

Winky: Oh really? So that's why it was YOUR idea to sneak in her window, come over to the bed, and consider stripping her naked and doing the horizontal lambada, right?

Angelus: I never thought of stripping her naked.

Winky: Okay....yes, that was me, but hey. Can't blame a guy for trying. But you were on the naked wagon the last time I checked!

Angelus: Look, if you can't control yourself, we're leaving now.

Winky: Right. Look at her. You can honestly tell me you DON'T want a taste of those lips again?

Angelus: No, no fucking way! She's the slayer! I'm an evil, terrible demon who inflicts horrendous pain on innocents for fun! Not a snowball's chance in hell! Forget about it.

Winky: Hmmm. Me thinks he doth protest too much! So, if it's SO FAR out of the realm of possibility, why not just kill her? Come on, toughie, do the deed and let's go!

Angelus: That reverse psychology crap isn't gonna work on me.

Winky: Okay, so why are you wearing the leather pants?

Angelus: .....I like leather pants.

Winky: Liar. They chafe. You wore them because the LAST time she saw you in them, you could smell her from a mile away.

Angelus: Sorry, try again.

Winky: Why have you been jerking off for the past week instead of banging Dru? Not that I'm for that; that bitch is crazier than a shithouse rat!

Angelus: No dice. You can't break me that easily.

Winky: Fine. Whatever. Just draw her fucking picture and let's get the hell out of here. Maybe you'll *not* think of *not* Buffy when we get back home and *not* play with the old semen demon.

Angelus sighed exasperatedly, and gazed back at the relaxed countenance of the Slayer. She really was beautiful. In a mortal enemy kind of way, of course. Not that he was at all interested in her. That was disgusting! She was his arch nemesis!

Of course, that souled bastard had left behind some pretty hot memories of exactly what his arch nemesis was capable of. What a mouth on her! And damn, but did she have some strong thighs. Very, very toned.

And nauseating! Yes! She was nothing but a little Lolita, and he had no interest in anything but driving her insane and killing her!

He sketched a rough outline of her profile, and smudged the black coal lines with the side of his finger. He continued drawing, getting to her shoulder and realizing the rest of her sensuous...and utterly UNTEMPTING little body was covered by the bedspread.

He grasped the top of the coverlet, drawing it slowly down her form until it lay in a heap over her feet. Much better. Were pajamas? Might need to touch, just to make sure.

Winky: What are you doing?

Angelus: Nothing.

Winky: Sure. So you didn't just touch her boob?

Angelus: Don't be ridiculous.

Winky: I know Buffy nipple when I feel it, pal. Don't hustle a hustler.

Angelus: Just be quiet and go away. I'm trying to draw.

Winky: Fine.

He ran his hand over her shoulder lightly, not risking the completely accidental grasping of her breast again, lest the little monster in his pants read too much into it. He'd forgotten what a pain in the ass his dick could be.

Hmmm. This was a nice drawing and all, but it'd look a lot better with a couple of buttons undone on that shirt. Surely she was hot in that. Not that he cared about her comfort. Of course not! The more uncomfortable the better! More buttons, then!

He unfastened the last button, his tongue caught between his clenched teeth in concentration. There. Wait...maybe if he moved one side over....ahhh just the hint of her breast. Perfect. In an 'I'll gut you and dance on your entrails, Slayer!' kind of way.

Winky: Oh, I can't take this anymore. Just give it up! Shit or get off the pot man! Either you want her, or you don't. What is the big deal? So what if she's the Slayer? Think of it this way, buddy. Flexibility, stamina, strength. It's like screwing a vamp, only, you know, warm. And good god does she get wet. It's like the fucking amazon rain forest down there. You're still a bad ass, you know. Think of how jealous all the OTHER scourges will be when they find out you bagged a slayer. In the pelvic sense, at least.

Angelus: You're right there. But that's a no-go. She'd never go for just being my fuck-buddy, and you know it.

Winky: Let me have a chat with my esteemed colleague.

Minutes pass by in silence.

Winky: Okay, she's in.

Angelus: What are you talking about?

Winky: Just talking to my lady love, there. She's ready to go. You just work your magic, and let me do the convincing for you. Unlike you, Hair Gel with an Attitude, she actually LIKES me.

Angelus sat stock still, a look of confusion on his face.

Winky: KISS HER, numb nuts! Which I mean figuratively, as my boys are far from numb.

Angelus: And when she screams and tries to stake me?

Winky: Will you trust me?

Angelus: Fine. Don't cry to me when she turns us into ashtray fodder.

Angelus leaned in slowly, bracing his arms on either side of her head. He poised his lips inches about her mouth, feeling the warm puffs of breath escaping from her slightly open mouth as she exhaled. God, how could her breath be that sweet?

He barely touched his lips to hers, a part of him that HAD to be some of Soul Boy's leftovers (because he was very very evil and did not enjoy or experience human emotions, not him! No sirree!) thrilled at the contact.

He pressed his lips into hers harder, knowing it would wake her and really not caring. One little indiscretion with your sworn enemy wasn't all THAT bad, right? As long as it didn't happen again?

Her eyes fluttered open, registering his lips on hers and returning the contact, moaning slightly as she teased his lips with her tongue. She brought her hands up to caress his neck, and then drug her nails lightly along his scalp. He returned her moan with one of his own, throwing himself into the kiss with abandon. No one would know, no one would see....he could do this and still end the world, no sweat. It wasn't like he had any feelings for the stupid girl anyway.

He realized she probably wasn't fully awake yet, and that she thought he was Angel. He found himself hoping she'd stay in this state, because as soon as she was fully coherent she would probably kick his ass--which would likely turn him on more. Wait, more? When he did get turned on?

Winky: As soon as you showed me her tit, moron.

Angelus: Oh, right, I forgot.

The kiss continued until she startled struggling for breath. He released her mouth, exhaling deeply and bringing one hand up to cup her breast.


"Angel?" Pathetic child. Nope, not him. But, there was still the opportunity for some fun. Hopefully!

"Not quite."

Her eyes grew wide, and he clapped the hand not fondling her nipple over her mouth to catch the scream she tried to release.

"Shhhhh. I'm not going to kill you, lover. Not tonight, anyway. And if you're a very good girl, you might actually enjoy this."

Her body stiffened in fear, and his eyes locked with hers. "I'm going to take my hand off of your mouth, Buffy. Don't even think about screaming, because I promise, you'll be dead before anyone gets in here. Do you understand?" She nodded, and he slowly removed the hand. He backed up enough to let her sit up.

"Why are you doing this?" He gazed into her sad, teary eyes. Damn her! He was the most malevolent creature in the vampire community! Minions quivered before his might and power! So how could this tiny little blonde actually make him feel BAD for being himself? Damn and double damn.

He realized that if he was going to make any headway, he might actually have to be honest. Shit. He hated truthfulness. Left a funny taste in his mouth.

"I don't know. All I know is, I can't stop thinking about you, and that bothers me more than I'd like to admit."

"I think about you, too."

There was absolutely no reason in the world why he should have been excited by that. None. He was REALLY losing his touch. Stupid soul, it had tainted his perfect, perfect evilness.

"You do?" Oh my fucking god. Did his voice just squeak? What in the fuck was going on here? This hot little piece of Slayer had reduced him to a pubescent boy. This was too shameful for words.

"Of course. You look like Angel, and you sound like Angel, and you smell like him. Although, Angel never really wore much leather."

Winky: I told you so.

Angelus: Shut up.

"Look. This isn't a relationship and it never will be. It can't be. I'm not Angel. I won't be your little pet vampire at your beck and call, fighting the good fight and all that. But I'm willing to call a truce every now and then."

She looked into his eyes, and he felt vaguely uncomfortable under her scrutiny. He had the distinct impression that she was about to throw holy water in his face.

"What are your terms?"


She crossed her arms over her chest, sitting back against the pillows, her expression neutral.

"We still fight, of course. You are my enemy. Chosen one, evil vampire, you know how it goes. I'm just suggesting a...get together every once in awhile. For your benefit, of course. I could go without, I just hate to deprive a woman of my many skills once she's had a taste."

She smirked. She couldn't believe she was actually having this conversation with her now-soulless boyfriend. "Of course. How very noble of you. Especially considering I'm such a bad lay."

Winky: I really ought to kick your ass for that, you know. Fucking liar.

Angelus had the unexpected grace to look at least a little ashamed.

"I didn't say bad. I just said you had a lot to learn about men. You should take that as a compliment." This was actually true. She had been naive, and innocent. Actually a rarity in his sexually sordid past, come to think of it. It was almost refreshing.

"Whatever." They stared at each other, unsure of how to continue.

Angelus took the intiative. " wanna fuck, or what?"

"Charming. No wonder you got all the ladies back in...what, the 1800's?"

Winky: Would you kiss her already? I know it's been awhile for you, but if Soul Boy could get in her pants, I'm SURE you can.

He leaned over and kissed her roughly, not wanting her to have any illusions as to what they were about to do. Soulless demons didn't make love, they fucked. Or screwed, or shagged. It really depended on your mood.

He was surprised when she returned his kiss with equal fervor, rising up on her knees and gripping his hair with her hands, tilting his head back to receive the full force of her want.

Hmmm...someone was a little firecracker tonight.

Winky: Finally. Now, don't thank me yet, you can take care of that AFTER the festivities. So, let's get those pants off, partner!

He grabbed her hips, pulling her into his lap and grinding his erection against her forcefully. She groaned and broke the kiss, shrugging off her shirt and thrusting her breasts into his face.

Maybe she didn't have THAT much to learn about men, after all.

He felt his features shift; He was already on the verge of losing all control and pounding her into the mattress, and he hadn't even gotten his finger wet yet. He wasn't going to analyze, just going to ride this thing out.

He licked the upper curve of her breast, and felt her gasp more than he heard it. Enough teasing, that was too much like Angel, and dammit, she was going to know the difference by the end of the night.

He took her nipple into his mouth, suckling forcefully and nibbling gently with his teeth. He carefully sliced a fang across the tender flesh, drawing a small amount of blood. She held his head to her breast with a none-to-gentle grip. Oh, this girl had definite potential.

He sipped the blood into his mouth, savoring the sweet warmth. And promptly felt like he had just gotten electrocuted.

He jumped back and gazed up at her in shock. He had heard the rumors about the blood of the Slayer, sure, what self-respecting vampire hadn't? But he certainly hadn't believed them until now.

Winky: Whatever you're doing, stop it, or else I'm going to embarrass us both by ruining these pants. Well, maybe stop is too strong a word, how about saving it until we're actually INSIDE her.

Angelus: Agreed.

She looked at his awed expression. "What? What's wrong?"

"Nothing." He pushed her down on the mattress, ridding himself of his shirt and standing to take off the all-too-constricting leather pants.


What? "No?"

"Leave them on."

He grinned. This little lady definitely had a kinky side to her. He loved that in a woman. NO! Not loved....enjoyed immensely. In a despicable, deplorable way. Gaze into the heart of darkness!

"You got it." He unbuttoned the pants enough to pull his cock free, and looked down at her.

Winky: No tan lines.

Angelus: I see that.

Winky: Can we keep her?

Angelus: We'll see.

He tucked his fingers under the waistband of the silk pajama bottoms, pulling them down her legs and throwing them onto the floor. No panties! He raised an eyebrow at her, and in response she just grinned and slowly spread her legs.

He could see the evidence of her arousal glistening in the low light of the room, and moved down to the end of the bed. He knelt between her thighs, inhaling her scent and growling lightly.

Winky: Two tickets to paradise, please! Would you look at that? California's finest, my man.

Angelus: I really should listen to you more often.

Winky: FINALLY! You and Soul Boy are really a pair, you know? Winky knows best, that's my motto!

Angelus: Just be ready to do your job when the time comes.

Winky: Ready, willing, and able.

He blew lightly across her folds, enjoying the way her back arched and brought her hips closer to his face. Why was he doing this? He never did this for Darla or Dru, that got old after the first 50 years. Foreplay isn't the linchpin to great vamp sex. It's more about the drinking of blood and ritual beatings, both of which the Slayer wasn't really into. Oh well, sometimes you've got to give a lady what she wants.

She did smell good, though. But did she taste as good as she smelled? Only one way to find out. He flicked his tongue out, lightly brushing along the outer lips of her core and sending a shudder through her body.

Without warning, her thighs caught his head in a vice grip, reminding him that this WAS the Slayer and too much build-up might not be a good idea. Time to get to it, then. He shucked the teasing idea for a direct assault, delving into her folds and sucking her clit into his mouth. God, it had been far to long since he'd had a human this way.

She covered her mouth with her hand, desperately trying to quell the scream that was making a valiant effort to escape. He'd done this the night of her birthday, so she already knew what a talented tongue he had, but the added danger in this situation just aroused her more.

He smiled into her core, easing a finger into her and stretching her. He could feel her pulse pounding and knew she wasn't far from coming. Biting gently as he continued the suckling pressure on the inflamed bundle of nerves, he sought out that magical little spot that always drove the ladies wild...and right back into his bed.

Bingo! She yelped and sighed and moaned and it was almost too much for him to handle, his finger being squeezed erotically as she came. He slid up her body, and plunged into her without preamble.

"Yes," she whispered, wincing a little at the sizable intrustion but not minding. This was everything she remembered with Angel. Not as tender, not a loving, but still satisfying in ways she was only beginning to realize were possible.

She felt more than a little remorse that here she was, Buffy Summers, fucking Mr. Bad Boy Himself. She knew it was wrong, that she should be fighting him, but she couldn't. No matter how much she tried to fight it, she wanted him. No, he didn't have a soul, and yes, he was evil beyond comprehension; It didn't matter at this very moment, as she was swiftly caught up in the sensations he was producing as he slid in and out of her.

"Jesus, you're so tight."

Winky: Free at last, free at last! Is that the hallelujah chorus I hear? I'm telling you, she could open her own theme park. God knows the rides are top-notch.

Angelus: Just calm the fuck down! I need some control here, and I can't do that with you babbling away!

He thrust in and out of her harder, angling his hips to ensure that her orgasm wouldn't be too far after his own. Hopefully, this would take about 5 seconds, because he was past the point of no return, now.

Winky: Ahhhh, reunited and it feel so good....Hang in there, we can do it!

Angelus: Church. Nuns. Ugly Nuns. Ugly Nuns with Rulers. Nope, not working.

Thankfully, his responsive little foe was arching her back again, meeting his thrusts head on and moaning uncontrollably. Oh yeah, she was damn close. Maybe if he just....

He lowered his head once again to her breast, re-opening the wound and nursing gently.

They exploded simultaneously, and he swore he could still see stars behind his eyelids. Giant, super-nova exploding balls of fire.

Winky: I'm so tired. So sleepy. Must rest.

He pulled out of her slowly, easing himself down to rest beside her on the mattress. That was the single most amazing sexual experience of his unlife, hands down. And it hand't even involved handcuffs! Who knew?

She slowly pushed herself up onto her elbows, her chest still heaving. Reaching down beside the bed, she handed him a small face towel.

"Here. I'd hate for you to ruin those pants. Really. It would be a crime against nature."

He hid his smile and took the towel. Couldn't have her thinking this MEANT anything. It didn't. Not at all. He was completely unaffected by the entire ordeal.

Winky: What the fuck ever. You know, the first step to a cure is admitting you have a problem. Like, say, compulsive lying.

Angelus: You got what you wanted, so leave me alone.

He stood and grabbed his shirt, righting his clothing. He avoided her eyes as he made his way over to the window, noticing the abandoned sketch pad on the floor at the same time Buffy did.

"What's that?" She rose from the bed, unashamed of her nudity. He had to get out of there before he did something he would regret. Enjoy, but regret.

"None of your business. Put some clothes on."

"Go to hell."

Good, they understood each other.

She turned her back on him, dressing herself slowly. He gazed at her form once, then moved back towards the window. Looking down at his drawing, he debated his next move, then hastily scribbled a note onto the corner and laid it on her pillow.

Winky: Do you have to be such an huge asshole all the time?

Angelus: I do have a reputation to protect.

She turned to look at him one last time, but he was already gone, the curtains still swaying slightly from his departure. She climbed into the bed, wondering if her mother would notice the stains on the sheets any more than she did the blood on her clothes every week. She reached to turn off the light and noticed the paper.

Picking it up, she gasped at the rendering of herself asleep, reading the one word message left by her demon lover.



Is it canon Angelus and Buffy? Nope. But I kinda like these two better. At least they get some pelvic action.