Desperately Seeking Cookies

Desperately Seeking Cookies
Hide your eyes, kiddies - the beast with two backs is contained herein, don't let me corrupt you. Leave that to pornographic websites.
Epilogue to "Desperately Seeking Cookies"
Angel/Other Alternating POV. Angel and his best friend have a chat. Blame is placed, and origins revealed. Angel is regular font, Other is italics.
Meet the Manservant
The humble sequel to "Desperately Seeking Cookies".

Winky Ficlets
Surprise, Winky-Style.
The answer to the requested Clyde/Angelus Fic.
Peeping Winky
Another Angel/Winky Ficlet for ya! Set just after the dirty (okay, artsy) flick in Enemies
I've got a "Passion" for some Winky!
For those of you requesting some ball-busting, leather-pants wearing Angelus fic, here it is! He's just so naughty...I just want to grab a big old handful of Borean-ass and NEVER let go...Or that could be the alcohol talking. Anyway, read on!

Pig Fic (Just my odds and ends fics)
The Wireless Customer You Are Trying to Reach
Damn you wireless carriers and your shitty connections! This one’s for YOU!