The Winkyverse is my personal archive of ficterature, in which I make a general ass of myself (not to mention Buffy and Angel) for your amusement. WARNING! 95 % of the fic found here includes the following scenarious, which may not be suitable for those under 17 (or anyone living in the Bible Belt):
  • Flashing
  • Male Servitude
  • Naming of Genitalia
  • Table Sex
  • Playing Doctor
  • Drinking oneself so far over the edge that one might do goofy looking line dances (Vampires Only)
  • Pet Names
  • Cursing. Lots of Cursing. Really. Penises are all about toilet language, don't blame me.

If any of that offends you....well, then I don't know how you ended up here, and in case no one's ever told you? You should lighten up a little bit.

The characters aren't mine, they belong to a bunch of assmonkeys that we all love to hate. The scenarios are, so keep the sticky fingers to yourselves :P