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// Reasons We Love Kita //

I know it seems shallow, but what I really love about Kita and what always gives me a chuckle? She uses the same language I love, adore and really associate with. The words I really love to use and feel roll around in my own potty-mouth.


heee..... --


I <3 Kita because she is a fantastic writer, makes pretty slashy sex between several of my favorite vampires, and she is witty in an intelligent kinda way. Also, she is pretty. *bats eyelashes* -- Chelle


A Fandom Without Kita..

would be a fandom without "Echoes" and that story changed the way I look at fanfiction. Until I stumbled upon it, I had read a lot of good fic but not very much great fic. I didn't understand that there were writers out there who cared about every word, who understood the characters and were willing to pull at the veneer and expose their layers. As a reader I remember being absolutely mesmerized by that story; as a writer I remember thinking, 'Oh, okay, I need to do better.'

A Fandom Without Kita.

would be a fandom without her written musings on the character of Angel. And I don't think there's anyone out there who gets him quite as well as she does. She understands and embraces his flaws with equal the devotion she pays to his strengths. Her essays should be required reading in the fandom.

A Fandom Without Kita.

would be less of a fandom. -- Chrislee


Kita's clever and wickedly funny. And she can both dish out and see through all kinds of BS.

That, she's got quite a bit of depth in her understanding of the stories. Not just the sort of surface/fandom sense, but a deeper conception of ethics and morality that underlie the stories. And it comes out in her discussions. -- D.L. Good


I love Kita because she pays me $200 per month to say so. -- Dakini Grl


I like her because she says what she thinks, and she once took the trouble to patiently explain a really stupid question that I asked on LJ.

I love her stories, too. They're blunt, no-holds-barred affairs that you just can't put down. I'm not a slash fan, but the way she writes them - I believe. -- Dark Star


Kita is the most opinionated, blunt person that I know. It's refreshing amongst the world today. Boy that almost sounds like a non-compliment. But I *do* love her! She's a straight shooter and I admire that. -- Dawny


I love Kita because I'll never forget how she took that bullet for me in Nam and destroyed her ankle in the process. She might walk with a limp, and be addicted to crack, but she's got a heart of gold, so just remember that next time when she's shaking that tin can at you for dimes. But more importantly I love her because of her strong social conscious as she fights for the rights of Spike and Angel to molest each other, repeatedly, in many positions, just like other vampires of the less hair gel persuasion. God bless you Kita, you're a hero and a Champion to all gay dead vampires everywhere.-- Dovil


Why like Kita: Wonderful and talented writer (wonderful, beautiful Angel fic). Also smart, intelligent, and opinionated. -- Evette


When I was a wet-behind-the-ears slash writer, I was fortunate enough to be on a multi-fandom slash list with Kita and to have her posting her Angel slashes there. I read one, swooned, and sent happy babbling feedback to her. She replied, and even gave one of my stories a read and encouraged me to write more, and read and sent feedback when I did. She's a fine writer, with stories that steal my breath away. She's intelligent, articulate, funny, friendly, and cool, and I'm indebted to her for all of her kindness and support. -- Gail


When I first started out in fandom -- at about the point where I felt so inundated with saccharine, unrealistic plot premises, bad or absent characterization, and prose that was a virtual decelebration of the English language that I was starting out the door -- I found a story called "Equinox." It turned out to be one of the most important things I've ever read: it kept me in fandom, and it kept me writing.

Yeah, she's that good.

Kita was the first view I really had of a decently written character in fandom. Her Angel was deep and conflicted and not clean; he thought and did things that were dirty and wrong, even with a soul, which had -- until then -- been presented to me as a chastity belt. Her Angel was multi-dimensional and real, and is To. This. Day. the best Angel I've read anywhere.

The rest of "Equinox" is just gorgeous, reveletory. There was plot and emotion and an delicate, powerful running theme that connected four separate topics in a unique but somehow intrinsic way. This feeling of home, of rightness, pervades all of Kita's writing; the things she does seem less fabricated than revealed, like these great beautiful things have been there all along, like she's just lifting the veil so that we can see them.

Lending credence to this is her ability to conjure images. Kita's work has always been -- to me -- very sensory, very tactile; you see her stories vividly, you hear and taste them, you feel them for days. They haunt you, and it's awesome, because she does so much in so few words. Although she never scrimps on the details, she also never dwells; Kita has an amazing gift to pick out the one detail, the one snapshot of a moment that is hard-hitting and lasting. And she is able to describe these things in a way that only furthers the intrinsic values of the subject's preciousness; her words never overshadow her story.

She's just -- damn. She's so, so good. Her talent exceeds my ability to comprehend. Really. -- Lamia Archer


With Kita what you see is what you get. She is straight-forward, honest and makes no bones about it. Her stories are very similar - there's an honesty to her stories that you just can't deny. They stay with you long after you've read them.

She makes you believe in what she writes. You may not be a slash fan when you first start a Kita story but by the end you will be because you'll just *get* it. With her direct and evocative style, Kita encourages you to not only think about these characters and their morality but also your own morality. Kita's stories are not looks into fictional characters; they are looks into life.-- Lee


Kita is one of two people who really understands my obsession with Angel, and I don't have to apologize for it when I'm talking to her. She's brainy and erudite, passionate and silly--a lovely combination. -- Luminosity Deville


Why I Love Kita, by Mad Poetess, Grade 11

Damn, Daki already took the "because she pays me" answer. Fine, see if I care.

I love Kita for her fine, morally-upstanding fiction, with its complete lack of naked vampires, sado-masochism, inappropriate familial relations, speculation on the sex lives of living actors, explicit descriptions of people's no-no places, and jello. Especially the jello. I also applaud the brave decision to never *ever* write about strip-Twister, despite the peer pressure from her less spiritually-minded friends.

Ok, you got me. I love her because if you give her a lollipop, she will flash her panties at you.


I fell in love with Kita in the spring of 2002. I'd just heard of fanfic, but hadn't read any yet. I figured it was going to be horrible writing, and laughed at the friend who told me about it. Then someone posted a link on a TWoP board, to a story about Spike's feelings when Buffy was dead, and after she came back. It was "Six Foot Deep" which she wrote with Jessica Walker. I couldn't have been luckier with my very first fic. I then read everything on her website, and I was blown away. I was ignorant and didn't feed back, but I've learned better since.

I love Kita's directness, and I think she's a magical writer. She led me to the Ev0L RPS, and her "Snapshots" of Jimmy, Son of a Preacher Man, will always haunt me. I love that story and I always will. She's also one of the writers that I will drop everything to read whatever she posts, whenever she posts. There are several of those, but because Kita was the first fic writer I read, I have a special place in my heart for her. -- RainKatt


Kita, Kita, Kita...it isn't about the love at all--it's deep-seated, unshakable envy. No one writes like she does. No one. Kita can draw me into a story with a single flawless line. I'm instantly hooked. She reels me in with effortless grace and dispassionate cruelty. The net of her carefully chosen words scoops me from safety with no resistance. She smiles wickedly (or so I imagine, having never met her) as the cutting edge of her prose slices me open and exposes my heart to her wine-dark gaze. She dabbles her fingers in the open wound, twisting every perfect phrase just so before sealing me back up again, hopelessly changed, sometimes uplifted, other times wrenchingly plunged back into the cool monotony of everyday life to search for redemption on my own.

Kita is the goddess Kali--creating with two hands and destroying with the other--dancing chaos into being and matter into dust at her own wicked whim.

Someday, I hope to write something halfway as breathtaking as Komodo. In the meantime, I'll just go back and read everything again, for with every reading, I discern a new facet of the jems she shares so freely with us. -- Rhi


I love Kita for helping bring me in to the joys of Angel slash, and she was a co-seductress in luring me into the comfort of the rps handbasket to hell. Her DOOUL is still a joy to me, and her Slashing the Angel and Glitter sites are bookmarked.

I still never know what the hell she and Fod are talking about, and I've resigned myself to never, never being able to figure it out.

Also, she got her picture taken with David Boreanaz! :sighs: -- Tesla

// Kita's Sites //

Almighty Gah!
This is Kita's personal fanfiction archive. It houses so much awesome fic, you. Wouldn't. Believe.

Slashing the Angel
Slashing the Angel is such an orgasmic celebration of good writing and gay Angel that I am convinced all the Angel/Spike interaction of the last season of AtS was directly influenced by it. My Lord.

Days of Our Unlives
This is the funniest thing I have ever beheld. No exaggeration.

Glitter is the foundation to the BtVS/AtS Real Person Slash revolution. Kita has almost single-handedly created a sector of fandom in which this genre flourishes. And here a lot of it is.

Kita's Livejournal
Doesn't really warrant a description, but I'm anal and hate to break from form.

// Kita's Work //


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