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A Special Place in Hell was put together for fans to show their love and appreciation for Kita and her work.

Her passion and love for all things Angel, show in everything that she writes, whether it's fic or essay or simply musing in her LJ. She inspires, she entertains, she makes you think. She can make you laugh hysterically one minute, then rip your heart out the next. Her name is recognized throughout the fandom - regardless of the particular subgroup - and she is widely respected for her intellect and talent. No small feat that, in a fandom as diverse as ours.

Some thoughts from Kita...
"I can walk like a man, but I'm not one." -Angel, to Buffy, BtVS S1, 'Angel'

That was the moment I fell in love with the lug.

The entire scene on the hilltop in Amends, particularly this line; "Am I a thing worth saving? Am I a righteous man?" -Angel.

Because it's so biblically referenced. Poor tortured Catholic vampire. *G*

"I'm the greatest serial killer you've ever met". -Angel, to Wesley on AtS.

I don't remember the name of the ep. But it certainly sums up Angel's feelings about himself.

"Let's go to work."

-We all know where that one's from.

Greatest Angel moments:

Angelus smoking the dead girl's cigarette after he kills her, in 'Surprise', BtVS, saving Faith's life and hope in the alleyway, in 'Five by Five', AtS, setting his girls lose on the cellar full of lawyers in 'Reunion', AtS, and saving Connor by cutting his throat in 'Home', AtS. I think I tend to like the guy tragic.

Also, anything from S5, because it was a A/S shipper's wet dream. The ending scene from Damaged plays like a lot of my favorite fantasies.


In terms of fanfic, you mean mine? 'Cause a lot of other Angel writers have inspired my fic, including but probably not limited to: Maayan, Te & Jess Walker.

Right now, I think my best fanfic work is 'Manus', probably because it's my most recent one. The bit most people responded to was, "Circles and symmetry, nesting dolls: Women who haunt him, and blue eyed boys who spit venom at him. Who crawl into bed with their mothers, take from him all the women Angel has loved, and only begrudge Angel respect while he beats the life out of them. Beautiful, bitter, broken boys whom Angel is only allowed to touch in anger."

My favorite first line for any of my fic is one of the five bits in 'Five Things That Never Happened to Spike', "The day after the world ends, Spike goes out for a drink." Because I'm cheap like that.

My favorite other-fic is Snapshots: Son of a Preacher Man, which is technically RPS, but so far removed as to be more of what's been termed "body-fic". In all honesty, it's pretty much original character. So I love it, and the main character, Jimmy, because he's really *mine*.

Ah, Kita. Thank you for sharing your talent with us.

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