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TITLE: Thank you

AUTHOR: Copper

EMAIL: coppersinger@yahoo.com

DISCLAIMER: Owned by JW, WB, Mutant Enemy, Fox, the writers and the actors who bring these amazing characters to life. No infringement intended.


COPYRIGHT: January 2004.

SPOILERS: S5, post Family.

SUMMARY: An unexpected present.
FEEDBACK:  It’s an unbeta-ed drabble, but it’s always appreciated.


She stops in her doorway, stunned.

Lying on her comforter is the most beautiful bouquet of tulips she’s ever seen.  Red, yellow, purple, cream edged in fuchsia… For moments, Buffy just stares at the blooms. 

When she realizes that she’s stretched out her hand to touch them, the Slayer’s reverie breaks.  Quickly, she walks over, lightly touching the petals, and picks up the envelope leaning against the stems.

Sitting lightly on the edge of the bed, she opens the flap, pulling out the plain ivory card within.


Thank you.


A tear slips down her cheek and her lips curve in the most beautiful smile.

Setting the card on her nightstand, Buffy gently gathers the tulips in her arms and, still smiling, leaves to find a vase.

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