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TITLE: Relief

AUTHOR: Copper

EMAIL: coppersinger@yahoo.com     

DISCLAIMER:  OBJ – he wouldn’t let them do this…

RATING: NC-17 – sex, blood play…



NOTES: There is no real value plot-wise to this story, in fact I’m shocked I wrote it (which you can blame on Blaze – thanks, hon.) but I needed a prezzie so… she liked it so you get to read it.  Lucky you.

DEDICATION: Happy belated birthday, Serena.

Angel was in the kitchen making post-patrol movie food when he heard the yell from the other room.  He looked up, slightly surprised, but continued shaking the pot, not wanting the popcorn to burn.  Since he’d first introduced her to the joy of stove-popped popcorn , his Slayer wanted it almost every time they watched a movie – always stating that she needed the snacks to refuel for later.  Not that he was complaining…

Moments later, Buffy stormed into the living room.  “How could this happen?  I’m early… I’m never early.  There are rules, you know.  Headaches, cramps, moodiness… then your five to seven days of misery… but those first things? They’re required, they warn you so, so –” She cut off noticing that Angel was trying not to laugh, and failing miserably.

He saw that she’d seen him and quickly stopped smirking, knowing he was about to become her target.

“And you!  Go on, laugh… It’s no big deal for you; it’s not like this affects you.  You know… at first I was like, ‘yay, I’m a woman’ and I didn’t mind the pain ‘cause the teenage boys were stuck with useless erections for no reason whatsoever – I mean, at that size? – and at least I didn’t have everyone laughing at me… In fact, the other girls were jealous!  Then in high school, it kept the guys in line and gave me a way to torture them.  Then, I figured out that it didn’t matter ‘cause if they couldn’t find someone obliging enough to blow them…Hey!  They have hands and jacking off is no big deal!

“But you!”  Back to her original target, “you know that I want you so much that you don’t have to worry.  My lips will be wrapped around you, my fingers caressing your balls and my tongue…” 

Angel’s eyes squeezed shut.  Buffy was never this blunt and the image she’d just given him made him wish it was one of their role-playing nights and he could just grab her and…

“But me?  I’m stuck with frustration, oogy feelings, way too much blood and no relief in sight.”  She let out one more, “It’s not fair!” and threw herself face first onto the couch.

Angel was still somewhat lost in his fantasy when her words finally pierced his lusty haze.  “Wait a second…blood?” He whispered, “She doesn’t…? We’ve never…?”  And suddenly, the vampire had a much more pleasurable mission than the one Cordelia’s vision had sent them on earlier.

Knowing that she would keep going until she ran out of air, Angel did the only thing he could do.  He grabbed her arms, lifted her up, and stopped her babbling with a kiss.   Her dazed expression when he finally raised his head reminded him of the day before her birthday all those years ago, and he couldn’t help but smile.

“Hey…what…?  I was talking and you… Why are you smiling?”  The smile became laughter at her confusion.

Getting himself under control, the handsome vampire fell back onto the couch, pulling her onto his lap.

“Angel, no!  I’m turned on enough without you doing this to me, besides which I’m all gross –” Two large fingers muffled the rest of her sentence.

“Buffy, sweetheart, you’ll let me clean you up after battling slime demons, and don’t give a damn about my vampire fangs and yellow eyes, so why do you think I would care that you have your period?”

“That’s different!  It’s part of who we are–”

“So’s your period…” Smiling inwardly, with a straight face he said, “I’d be happy to take care of the problem for you.”

The petite blonde’s eyes grew large as she realized what he meant.  “EWWW!!! Angel!  How can you?  That’s disgusting?”

“Disgusting?” An eyebrow rose in disbelief, “You warm up and watch me drink my blood in front of you, sometimes even feeding me. And almost every time we make love I draw from you because you convinced me that you had never felt anything as erotic as my fangs in your throat, drinking from you, marking you…” Voice trailing off, he watched her hazel eyes darken with the memory. 

“But it seems so weird…”

“My sweet, nothing about us is normal.  I know you’re still nervous about some things, but I didn’t realize that this had never come up before.”

With a little blush, Buffy turned her head into the hand caressing her face.  “I always worked things so I wasn’t with you, so we wouldn’t have the look but don’t touch thing to deal with.” She raised her eyes at his low chuckle.

“Buffy, having your period doesn’t have to affect our sex life.  Even normal couples have sex, not many because of what you’ve all been taught, but they do.  And you’re luckier than they are... You’ve got a lover who worships you, even covered in slime.”  They exchanged laughing smiles, the memory no longer painful, “and who considers your blood both delectable and incredibly stimulating…” Buffy was awed as she watched his eyes turn slightly yellow and his voice become a growl, “I can just imagine what it will be like to taste it and your honey combined.”

“Well, since you put it that way,” her voice dropping to a seductive pitch, “who am I to refuse?”  Their eyes met for a moment before he swooped down to her lips.

Despite the tension, his lips brushed lightly over hers in a butterfly caress before beginning to nibble and then stroke his tongue across them, not to gain entrance but just to draw out the experience for both of them.  Her arms tangled behind his head and her hands tried to deepen the kiss but he wouldn’t allow it, moving away to nibble on her ears, free of their earrings for the moment.  Her sigh brought him back to rain tiny pecks before finally returning to her pink lips and giving in to her urging with quick, hard kisses before her tongue came out to meet his in a duel that would mimic their later joining.  As their tongues stroked and played, Angel swept her up in his arms and headed to the bed.

Once there he laid her on the satin sheets, disengaging their lips so he could begin to undress her.  Buffy stared at him with passion drugged eyes content to let him lead her into this new realm of sensuality, although she couldn’t stop her heartbeat from rising as he removed his clothing.  His back turned she admired the way his tattoo moved over his muscles, and let her eyes roam over his strong thighs and tight ass and when he faced her… His hair was thick, his eyes dark, his chest heaved with it and his cock was strong and thick in its aroused state.  He stood there letting her ogle him and she once again thanked whoever it was that had finally realized they were meant to be.

Angel let her watch him for a few moments before he knelt down beside her and sat her up so he could remove her shirt and bra, followed soon by her socks and pants, leaving her only in her panties.  He was mildly surprised that they were simple cotton ones, since her taste ran to sexy lace and satin normally, but as they’d soon be gone…

“I prefer pads at night.” She sounded incredibly embarrassed and he pulled her to him in a reassuring hug, murmuring words designed to change the blush of embarrassment to one of passion, before slowly running his hands over her body and sealing their mouths in a fiery embrace.

Eventually his head followed his hands, sucking and licking her flesh, avoiding her nipples except for a tiny nip at the tip of each before pulling completely off her to begin at her toes and work his way up.  From the arch of her foot, to the back of her knees to her inner thigh he missed no part of her skin, and he looked up with a satisfied smirk seeing her too lost to worry about the barrier that would soon come down… But first he had to sate his hunger for her exquisite breasts, whose quivering beckoned him.  His eyes yellowed and his face ridged as he lowered to gently nip at the tender flesh.  Her eyes popped open as he sucked one hard point into his mouths, lightly nipping with a fang – just enough to allow a drop of her sweet blood to tantalize him.  When he repeated on the other breast she held his head there for him to suckle as she gently went over the edge.

As she relaxed, his hands came up to cup her face and he asked, “Are you ready?”

“Show me, Angel.”  And in token reached down to slide off her panties.

He pulled a pillow from behind her and set it under her hips making sure she was comfortable before his mouth began a path downward.  He rubbed his nose in her dark curls – the contrast as enticing as it had been the first time – and inhaled the combined scents of her menstrual blood and her arousal.  The vampire didn’t lean back to admire her, as he sometimes did, instead lowering his face directly to her vaginal opening so as not miss any of the precious fluids.  The first drops hit his tongue and he growled in sheer lust.  Widening his mouth, he was able to collect the blood while moving his tongue between her sensitive lips, clitoris and inner walls.  Without breaking the skin, he used one long tooth to worry the sensitive clit while his tongue continued to lap up the blood from inside.  As the outpour of blood slowed, he quickly licked his lips clean having felt her readiness in her cries and quivering of her legs around him.  Just as she was about to return to orgasm, he slid fluidly up her body, entering her surely as his hands joined hers above her head.

Her hips lifted, accepting, welcoming the fullness of him as their bodies came together almost brutally.  He could no longer hold back and their lowered bodies jackhammered together, with her orgasm never abating, until he called her name spilling his cold semen inside her blazing heat.

It was long afterwards, when Buffy, with her head pillowed against his shoulder, spoke. “Wow.  If I’d known it would be like that…”

“Me, too.”  He smiled as she looked at him in surprise. “Buffy, vampires don’t menstruate, and this doesn’t compare to…” He trailed off knowing she knew what he referred to, but with a quick shake of his head he returned to a teasing tone.  “And before?  I certainly wasn’t into drinking blood as a human…”

She giggled, “No, I guess not,” and she gave him a quick kiss, before snuggling back in his arms.  “So…is there anything else you want to teach me?”

His laughter brought a beautiful smile to her face, which was quickly erased as his hands came down to caress her buttocks, just brushing the other hole before easing into her pussy to test her wetness and he whispered, “One thing at a time, lover, one thing at a time.”

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