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TITLE: One Simple Step

AUTHOR: Copper

EMAIL: coppersinger@yahoo.com

DISCLAIMER: Owned by JW, WB, Mutant Enemy, Fox, the writers and the actors who bring these amazing characters to life. No infringement intended.


COPYRIGHT: March 2004.

SPOILERS: S6, post Lessons. For Angel, none.

SUMMARY: How to stop a slayer in one simple step.
FEEDBACK:  It’s an unbeta-ed drabble, but it’s always appreciated.

DEDICATION: For Gia – a little bit of fluff.

“A *Mom*? He thinks I look like a MOM? A mom with a teenager?”

I watch her pace, unable to hide a smile at her seriousness – as cute as that Ted rant…

“It's my hair, isn't it? I have mom-hair? Bags under my eyes? I can't help that they don't make under-eye concealer to combat taking care of my sister – whose new school just happens to be over the Hellmouth! – and saving the world on a daily basis! They just –”

I said I found it adorable, but this? This is a far better use of her lips – kissing mine.

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