Links to FanFic/Fandom Sites

Elemental : Alee's Buffy Fanfiction.

Alex Queirolo's BTVS FanFic : Alex's BTVS FanFic

Almighty Gah : Kita's fanfiction

Always His Girl : Trixie Firecracker's fanfic

Amberina : FanFic by Amberina

Angel and Buffy: Love Conquers All : Wendy's fanfic

Angel Stories : Lisa P's collection of Angel fics.

Buffy & Angel :: Because sometimes it's fate : Fanfiction by Amy

Chocolate And Chains : Sharon Jane (SJ Smith)'s fanfic

Cracked Open : Copper's Fanfic site.

Cruel Obsessions : Claudia Christian's fanfic site and archive.

Ducks' FanFic : Home of Ducks' fanfic. Quality Fantasies since 1998.

EverySixSeconds : Gia's Adult Buffy/Angel adult fanfic site.

Forever, Always, and Then Some : Fanfiction by Tara

Hello - Goodbye : Leena (aka Aphotica)'s art & fanfic site

Katerina's Fanfic : Katerina's fanfic

Kittens in the Dark : Leni's fanfiction

Lela Rose's FanFiction : Lela Rose's fanfic site : Lex's fanfic site

Lucey fics : Lucey's fanfics hosted at Denial Haven

Maquis Leader's fanfic : Home of Maquis Leader's fanfic

Margot's FemFic : Margot's fabulous fanfic site.

Moon Madness : Buffy the Vampire Slayer Fanfiction and More by Laure Alexander

Octaves of the Heart : Chrislee's fanfic site

On the Wings of Destiny : Star's (aka AutumStars) Fanfic site

Primordial Souls : Bre's BtVS/AtS Fanfiction Site

Project Paranormal : Supernatural post - BtVS/NFA series with new fiction by your favourite authors

Ralkana's Hideout : Ralkana's fanfic

Riders on the Storm : MollyTM's fanfiction

Scribes of Angel : Dark Star's Fanfic and home of an incredible Angel/Angelus archive. : An automated Buffy'verse archive and community

She Comes to Me : Christine's (aka Chrisnoop) fanfic site.

Sinful : BTVS/ATS Adult Only Fan Fiction Archive Site

Slightly Over The Edge : TrinityLast's fanfic

Still His Girl : Kristi's fanfic

Sublime : Hand picked B/A archive. : Tango's fanfic site

The House of Blues : Home of The Crew: Baby Blues/Chad/Audball B/A Fics *~* B/S Fics

Top 100 FanFics : Top 100 fanfics

Twin Flames :: FanFiction by Alley : FanFiction by Alley

Twin Flames :: FanFiction by Calla : FanFiction by Calla

Twin Flames :: Fanfiction by Kiki van Buren : FanFiction by Kiki van Buren.

Vagabond Soul : Isis Blue's fanfiction.

Vatrixta Cruden's Fanfic : Stories by Jade

Warriors & Lovers : Home of Zo's Adult B/A Fan Fiction!

Weathering the Storm : Trammie's fanfic.

WinkyVerse : The WinkyVerse :: Home for PigPimping's fics

With Peaches on Top : indie's fabulous fanfiction

yahtzee! : Yahtzee's fanfic

Yseult's Passion : Yseult's fanfic & archive site

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