Fic Recommendations by Title

A Cleansing Fire by indie [Adult]
Summary: blah blah blah

A Convenient Marriage by Gia [Adult]

A Face So Familiar by Ducks [Adult]

A Need More Powerful by Lex [Adult]

A Night At Series by Gia [Adult]

A Reason To Drown by Yseult [Adult]

A Sense of Balance by Lisa P [General]

Absolute Zero by Lena [Adult]

After Effects by indie [Adult]

After the End *WIP* by indie [Adult]

After the End - Series by Nymue [Adult]

After Twilight by Quirkygrl (aka MShepNJ) [Adult]

Afterlife by Trixie Firecracker [Adult]

Ain't That Enough by Chelle [Adult]

Alfresco by Dark Star [Adult]

All Roads Lead to Sunnydale by Gem [General]

All The White Horses by Serena [Adult]

All Wet by Lex [Adult]

Alone in a Crowd by Alee [General]

Always by Christine aka Chrisnoop [Adult]

Always a Bridesmaid by Isis Blue [Adult]

Amen by Trixie Firecracker [Adult]

Amor Fati by Starlet w C/A friendship [General]

And Then You Kissed Me by Lamia Archer [Adult]

Angel Rising by Leslie McKenna [General]

Angelic Watcher by Heather [General]

Angels in the Dark by Mariah [General]

As Time Goes By by Yahtzee [General]

Ashes by DeAnna Zankick [Adult]

Auld Lang Syne *WIP* by Lamia Archer & Felicity [Adult]

Auld Lang Syne by Lamia Archer & Felicity [Adult]

Back in Time by Mariah [Adult]

Bad Angel by Abbyland [summary] [Adult]

Beautiful Disaster by Kristi Allen [General]

Because I Love Her by Pamela [Adult]

Begin a New Day by Maquis Leader [Adult]

Beholder *WIP* by Dark Rhiannon [Adult]

Bent by Angeluslover [Adult]

Betrayer by Regala Electra [Adult]

Big Scary Apocolypse by Calla [General]

Bittersweet Legacy by Vatrixsta Cruden [Adult]

Bleed by Ducks & Vatrixsta Cruden [Adult]

Bleed by Ducks & Vatrixsta Cruden [Adult]

Bound by TrinityLast [Adult]

Breaking the Slayer by Dark Rhiannon [Adult]

Bring Forth the Night by Maquis Leader [Adult]

Bringing Him Back by Ducks [Adult]

Broken Hallelujah by Yseult [General]

Broken Wings by Melissa S. Downey & Lil Wolf [General]

Broken Wings by Melissa S. Downey & Lil Wolf [General]

Buffy's Diary by Harpy [Adult]

Buffy's LA Adventure by Gia [Adult]

Buried Alive by Rebecca Carefoot [Adult]

Calling in Sick by Tango [Adult]

Camelot by Trixie Firecracker [Adult]

Cats and Dogs by Vatrixsta Cruden [Adult]

Cemeteries R Us by Yseult [General]

Checklist by Cynamin [General]

Cherished by Chrislee [Adult]

Chimera by Tango [Adult]

Chosen Mistake *WIP* by Stacie Ann [Adult]

Cliche by TrinityLast [Adult]

Climb *WIP* by Starla [Adult]

Closer by Tango [Adult]

Come into the Light by Kitty [?]

Cometh the Hour by Jo us [Adult]

Coming Together by Fic Reader [Adult]

Criminal by Kyria , B/Aus [Adult]

Crossed Lines by Margot LeFaye [Adult]

Culture Shock *WIP* by Loftyheights [Adult]

Damage by indie [Adult]

Dangerous Woman *WIP* by MadKat [General]

Dark Slayer Series by Avatar [General]

Dear to Us by Glossolalia [General]

Demangent *WIP* by Ducks & Vatrixsta Cruden [Adult]

Demon Bait by Kelso [General]

Demon's Revenge by Kelso [Adult]

Desperately Seeking Cookies by PigPimping [Adult]

Destiny Denied *WIP* by The Mocha Bitcas [Adult]

Devil's Truth by Matt [Adult]

Devil's Will *WIP* by Meghan & Others us [Adult]

Domestication by indie [Adult]

Dominion by Chrisnoop [Adult]

Dreams of Other Worlds by Regala Electra [Adult]

Drifting with the Tide by Deede [General]

Dying with Dignity by Starla [General]

Ease by S.J. Smith [General]

Echoes by Kita [Adult]

Elseworlds: Christmas Angel by Lady Raven [Adult]

End of Days series by Maquis Leader [Adult]

Endangered by S.J. Smith [General]

Enshrined In My Soul by Mariah [Adult]

Even the Nights Are Better by Alex Queirolo [Adult]

Ever Seeking Solace by Aurora and BunnyD [General]

Everything I Know trilogy by Molly [General]

Excedo Inferi Series *WIP* by Philip [Adult]

Fault by INS [General]

Finding Angel by Maquis Leader [Adult]

Fingerprints by DeAnna Zankick [Adult]

Fitting by Rebecca Carefoot [General]

Fixing It Series aka Starting Over *WIP* by LelaRose [Adult]

Flip Side of Primal Force by Tango [Adult]

Flowers on the Razor Wire by Alee [Adult]

Footsteps by indie [General]

For Whom the Bell Tolls by Ralkana [General]

Forever and a Day by Lex and Tinkerbell [Adult]

Forever Darkness by Christine [Adult]

Forever, Always, and Then Some *WIP* by AngelBuffy0 [Adult]

Forever's-That's the Whole Point *WIP* by Anita (Angellover) [Adult]

Fragile Ecstasy by Esmerelda [Adult]

Fragility by Tango [Adult]

Full Circle by Nina [Adult]

Ghosts of Vices Past by Maquis Leader [Adult]

Girl From Yesterday by Kristi [General]

Glimpse by indie [General]

Glimpse by Vatrixsta Cruden [Adult]

Glycerin by Lamia Archer [General]

Golden Slumbers by Vatrixsta Cruden [Adult]

Good, Clean Fun by Ralkana [Adult]

Gryphons Secret by Maquis [Adult]

Gunshy by Ciderbreak [Adult]

Halcyon Days by Sienna [Adult]

Halloween Goodies by Maquis Leader [Adult]

Happily Ever After Series by Katriena Knights [Adult]

Hard to Forget by Vatrixsta Cruden [Adult]

Hell and Bck again by Harpy [Adult]

Hellmouth Christmas Carol by Gia & LelaRose [Adult]

Here at the End of the World by Lokoa [General]

Hobo by Cas [Adult]

Homostatis by Bulletproof [Adult]

Hydrophobia by Flywoman [Adult]

Hyperion's Son *WIP* by Dana Evans [Adult]

I Feel You by AutumnStars [Adult]

I Love You Seven by Nico [General]

I Would Be the One by Gillian [Adult]

I-55 by Yahtzee [General]

Icarus by S.J. Smith [General]

Identical Entity *WIP* by Stacie Ann [Adult]

If Wishes Were Kisses by Maquis Leader [Adult]

In a Maudlin Sort of Way by Tango [Adult]

In the Shadow of a Gateway by Maquis Leader [Adult]

In This World by Felicity [General]

Inconsolable by Calla [General]

Indaran Warriors by Melanie [Adult]

Infinitely Gentle by Sienna [Adult]

Insane Need by Anjel [Adult]

Its Been One Week by SCWLC [General]

It's the End of the World as We Know It by Kim [Adult]

Just a Reminder by Chloe Sarai [Adult]

Justified by Briony Cain [Adult]

Key to Connor by Dark Rhiannon (us) [Adult]

Kiss of Nostalgia by Aphotica [Adult]

L&aacut; et Ailleurs by Yseult [Adult]

Letter to Riley by Deb Nockels [Adult]

Letters from Ireland by Harpy [Adult]

Letters to Whistler by Harpy [Adult]

Lifespan by Yahtzee [Adult]

Living Spaces by Sienna [Adult]

Lost and Found by Molly [Adult]

Love and Bruises by Sienna [Adult]

Love Bites by Maquis Leader [Adult]

Love Lies Bleeding by Dark Star [Adult]

Lover for the Night by Chrisnoop [Adult]

Maid to Love by Bre [Adult]

Making Up For Lost Time by Wendy [Adult]

Many Loves by Jessica Walker [Adult]

Masquerade by Kim Harmel [Adult]

Master of Tactics: The Sacrifice of Enrique *WIP* by Dana [General]

Melted by Alee [Adult]

Memory of a Lost Paradise by Dana Evans [Adult]

Midnight Train by Christine [Adult]

Mirrored by Moonwhip [General]

Momentary Illusions by Gia [Adult]

Mortality by Alley [General]

Mute by Chrislee [Adult]

My Two Cents by Cheri (aka Jossfan28) [Adult]

Nice Surprise by Starla [General]

Not Even Death by SWCLC [General]

Not Fit by Rebecca Carefoot [General]

Obsidian *WIP* by Philip [General]

Of Friends and Lovers by Lucey [Adult]

On Ancient Wings by Cynamin [General]

On The Road To Redemption by Ralkana [General]

Only Time by Bre [Adult]

Our Sons and Daughters by Baby Blues [Adult]

Past Imperfect by Chrislee [Adult]

Past, Remember Me by Trixie Firecracker [Adult]

Paved by Vatrixsta Cruden [General]

Penile Codes by Heidi Lenhart [Adult]

Perfect Happiness by Ducks [Adult]

Phoenix Burning by Yahtzee [Adult]

Pieces of Now by Regala Electra [General]

Plan of Seduction *WIP* by Britanyca [Adult]

Pleasantly Numb by Amy [Adult]

Poppies are the Color of Blood by Cas [Adult]

Possession by Moonlight [Adult]

Prisoner of Passion *WIP* by LelaRose [Adult]

Puppys Revenge by Tango [Adult]

Rare and Graceful Things by Ducks [Adult]

Redux by Nymue [Adult]

Release the Demons by Isis Blue [Adult]

Renewal by Lex [Adult]

Repeat the Sounding Joy by Princess Plum Jade [Adult]

Resurrection Series *WIP* by indie [Adult]

Reunion by Kate [Adult]

Reunion of Souls by Charity Scordato [Adult]

Revenge, Version 1.0 by Maquis Leader [Adult]

Revisited by Maquis Leader [Adult]

Road to Nowhere by Alley [Adult]

Rockstar by Gia [Adult]

Ruby Slippers by Gem [Adult]

Saving the Slayer by Tango [Adult]

Scar Tissue by Kristi [Adult]

Scars on the Heart by Kim Harmel [Adult]

Scent of the Slayer by Maquis Leader [Adult]

Second Chance by Marta Fernandez [Adult]

Secrets & Lies by Gia [Adult]

Sensual Sensitivity by Margot LeFaye [Adult]

Sequences by Leni [General]

Shades Of Grey by Irish Rose [Adult]/p>

Shadow Lives by Kizmet [Adult]

Shadow of a Dream *WIP* by Molly [Adult]

Shouting at the Rain *WIP* by Buffychick [Adult]

Silent Tears by Hopeless [Adult]

Silken Cage Series *WIP* by Margot LeFaye [Adult]

Slayers and Witches and Vampires, Oh My! *WIP* by Tango [Adult]

Smooth Criminal by Indie & Tango [Adult]

Smooth Criminal by Indie & Tango [Adult]

Something Old Series by Ducks [Adult]

Something Old Series by Ducks [Adult]

Soulbound Series *WIP* by Katriena Knights [Adult]

Soulworld Series by Philip S. [Adult]

Stages of Grief by Ducks [Adult]

Stains by Vatrixsta Cruden [Adult]

Stains by Vatrixsta Cruden [Adult]

Still Time by Nynaeve [General]

Stolen Moments by Gia [Adult]

Stumble Into Grace by Kristi Allen [Adult]

Sweet William by Peasant [Adult]

Sweet, Sweet Baby by Ducks [Adult]

Taking Hold of the Future by ktbookworm [Adult]

Tangled Web by Maren [General]

Tempest by Tinkerbell us [Adult]

Temple of the Slayer *WIP* by TrinityLast [Adult]

Tests of Faith by Serena [Adult]

Than Serve in Heaven by Maayan [Adult]

That Night by indie [Adult]

The Angel's Knight by Philip [General]

The Best Nights by Blackwinged Angel [Adult]

The Christabel Chronicles *WIP* by Nymue [Adult]

The Common Good of Life by D.M. Evans [General]

The Darker Side by Lex [Adult]

The Drawing Series by Tango [Adult]

The End of Innocence by Alex Queirolo [Adult]

The Grass isnt Always Greener in the Sunlight by Ralkana [General]

The Hunger by Lela Rose, Rehatha, Gia , B/Aus [Adult]

The Interrogation by Meghan us [Adult]

The Joy and Pain by Sare Liz Gordy [Adult]

The Last Cold Star by Margot LeFaye [Adult]

The Last of the Spirits by Maquis Leader [Adult]

The Love Dress by Copper [Adult]

The Lucky Ones by indie [Adult]

The Mature Plan by Maren [Adult]

The Most Basic Instinct by Lex [Adult]

The Most Basic Instinct, II by Lex [Adult]

The Nature of the Beast by Jo [Adult]

The Need That Remains by Chelle Storey [Adult]

The Penny Series by Meghan [Adult]

The Price *WIP* by Cat Hattin [General]

The Real World by Felicty [General]

The Reclaiming by Tango [Adult]

The Sin Wagon by Laure Alexander [Adult]

The Skate by SCWLC [General]

The Slayer and the Sleuths by MadKat [General]

The Slayer, the Sleuths, and the Scoobies by MadKat [Adult]

The Taste of My Blood by Tango [Adult]

The Warriors Series by Cynamin [General]

The Wicked Seduction of a Vampire Slayer *WIP* by Claudia Christian [Adult]

The Wish by Angelic Vampyre [Adult]

The World and I by Laura [Adult]

Therapy Sessions by Starla [General]

Three Doors by Rebecca Carefoot [Adult]

To Kill A Cat by Jo [Adult]

Triangle by Chrislee [Adult]

Trinity by Lex [Adult]

Turn to Fall by Trixie Firecracker [General]

Twice in a Lifetime by Sionell Stewart [Adult]

Tyger, Tyger by Jo [Adult]

Under My Skin by Tango [Adult]

Unexpected Turns by indie [Adult]

Until Forever Series *WIP* by Meghan~NC-17

Unwanted Passion by Gia [Adult]

Upon the Earth by Vatrixsta Cruden [General]

Waiting for the Sun by Chrislee [Adult]

Want by Amberina [Adult]

Weathering the Storm by Trammie [Adult]

What You Become by S.J.Smith [General]

When in Disgrace *WIP* by D.L. LePage (aka Rehatha) [Adult]

When the Bough Breaks by S.J.Smith [Adult]

When the Sun Never Rises *WIP* by indie & Tango [Adult]

Whole by Lex [Adult]

Whose Shanshu by Queen Boadicea [Adult]

Windows by Serena [Adult]

Wolf Pack by Baby Blues [Adult]

World Enough and Time by Christine [Adult]

Worlds of Longing by Ducks [Adult]

You Oughta Know by S.J. Smith [Adult]

Your Cheating Heart *WIP* by Chad [Adult]

Your Cheating Heart by Harpy [Adult]

Your Cheating Heart Again by Harpy [Adult]

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